How Do I Get My Money Back From PayPal?

how to get your paypal refund

A refund of money paid for either goods or services is usually made when transactions do not go well or according to plan. Ordinarily, such processes ought to be simple and fast, but sometimes getting a refund can be very devastating and might even culminate in a customer losing his/her money entirely.

How does one guard against this colossal loss and what modalities should be adopted to prevent this from happening? These are some of the questions this post aims to answer, to ensure that you can get your money back after payment, provided the whole transaction has not exceeded a certain stipulated period beyond which any refund may be difficult or downright impossible.

To regale us on these refund procedures, for maximum benefit and ease of the entire process, we shall take the issue on in a methodical approach that should be easily understandable to all.

  The first scenario where a customer may want a refund is when the customer pays for an item or article and the payment for the said item remains pending, even after when it has taken long enough to be processed.

In this case, the customer can initiate the refund process by canceling the activity on his or her activity page, if the button for cancellation of such transaction is seen.

In these kinds of situations, though sadly not in all cases, the money can luckily be refunded automatically, if it is not claimed by the seller after thirty(30) days. However, beyond thirty days, this process can be quite tedious and may not likely even work at all.

 Secondly, the refund request may rightly become the next option if an item has been paid for, but for whatever reason(s), such item bought has not been received or is actually even received but not as described.

In some cases, you may even have the feeling or belief that the payment is not even authorized. Whatever the complaints, provided this is what is believed to have happened, you can file a case in the PayPal Resolution Centre to set off (or start) the process of getting your money back.

Successful initiation may trigger a refund that will lead to the complete recovery of your money.

In the third instance, you may have a change of mind on the purchase after you have paid a merchant and therefore wish to have your money back. It is easy, even in such cases as this, to actually get your money refunded in full.

All you have got to do here is to get across to(or contact) the seller and request that they should terminate or cancel your purchase. If however the payment has been completed, you may do well to make enquiries about their return policies or request a refund right away.

The steps below may have to be reviewed in order to be able to find the merchant’s contact information for any refund to be made. Firstly, you may have to contact your seller to find their contact information by clicking on the ‘Activity’ button on the top of the page and from there you can then click on the particular transaction from your list of recent transactions.

On the ‘Transaction Details’ page, you will see the sellers details; his or her name, email or even in some cases, the seller’s customer service phone number. Use whatever you glean here to reach out to them and request that your purchase be cancelled.

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In all cases, you are encouraged to try resolving the issue with the seller. Whatever goes wrong with your purchase, start by visiting the PayPal’s Resolution Centre and try to resolve the issue directly with the seller and to do so effectively, you may have to open up a dispute complaint atmost within one hundred and eighty(180) days from the date the payment was made.

If on the other hand you are not able to open a dispute or could not reach an agreement or the issues have escalated to a claim, visit PayPal’s Resolution Centre within twenty days after opening the dispute to escalate the process to a claim which will enable PayPal to review the claim and decide on the best outcome for everyone’s sake.

Once PayPal investigates and resolves the claim, they will be able to make informed decisions but may ask for some documents on the transaction. The full amount for the purchase and even the shipping costs shall be refunded, but only if the case has been decided in your favor.

A chargeback is defined as the process of a customer disputing a charge and asking their card issuer for a refund. PayPal however, does not initiate or even handle chargebacks, only the credit card issuer does according to the card issuer’s policy.

All the same, PayPal has a policy that allows buyers to simply demand for refunds in transactions and inform their credit card company to cancel or make refund for any payment made. In cases of chargebacks, PayPal may however freeze the funds in the seller’s account.

There are several reasons that may lead to chargebacks, which include: the buyer not getting the product, the purchased product is damaged or defective, the buyer not being able to recognize or remember the credit card payment, the buyer getting charged more than once for a single transaction and finally, when the buyer did not authorize the payment.

In all these cases, PayPal can assist the refund process, to make sure you get your money back, by freezing your payment in the seller’s account. Another excellent way buyers can manage a refund on PayPal is through using a breakthrough electronic commerce assurance and the order verification application.

These verification apps are known to charge a neglible amount to guarantee verification of orders and a one hundred percent refund guarantee in cases of chargebacks.

There is the need to remember that when dealing with chargebacks, that buyers are eligible for a refund on PayPal transactions after one hundred and twenty days or more and that chargebacks on PayPal take a few weeks to seventy five days, depending on the nature of the cases being dealt with.

PayPal, in most cases, takes sides with the customers to get their money refunded with the least possible delay while the seller is left unattended to. You are sure to get PayPal’s seller protection, though associated rules and regulations are guiding this protection guarantee.

It would have been most distasteful if refund were not possible where transaction issues go south, but thankfully that is not so.

All buyers are, for obvious reasons, advised to ascertain that whatever conditions are laid in transactions, they obey and respect them to the latter because you never know when they may come in handy to save you from undue losses.

To conclude the post, we are advised to avail ourselves of the knowledge that will enable us to get refunded in transactions from which we have complaints since the procedures are easy enough to accomplish.

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt Review 2021 [Best Tool] 

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt Review 2021

Advancements in technology and the internet have made Drop shipping a profitable e-commerce venture to engage in. The online trading world is proliferated with different items that can be traded.

As a Drop shipper, how do you reduce the burden of knowing which products to sell to maximize profit, monitor market trends, target the proper audience, or get the best winning products? well, you need not worry too much because this article would be reviewing two of the best drop shopping tools.

They both share several similarities as their primary prerogative is to fish out winning products. At the end of this article, there would be a quick comparison of the two Dropshipping tools. This could help you know which is more suitable for your products or business.

Below is a rundown of what both tools can offer you—as a potential user.

Niche Scraper Review

Niche scraper is an e-commerce tool that can be used by drop shippers to source out winning products, by proffering trading evaluations on items within the e-commerce world. This helps Drop shippers know the best items that are likely to become successful sales. It also gives you access to items on Aliexpress and Shopify.

Niche scraper is set up to offer these main services:

  • Pick-out Winning Products
  • Store Analysis
  • Video Marker

Pick-out Winning products

As earlier mentioned, this is one of the foremost service offered by niche scraper. It helps users spot Winning products that could increase their chances of successful sales. It also offers daily updates about the best product for your store. With less hassle these products can be added to your Shopify store (if you have one), to enable you to display and sell directly to your customers.

It offers other necessary information such as;

  • Product cost
  • Product description
  • The rate at which products are ordered
  • The kind of audience to target social media
  • The function of the product, and information about the supplier

Store Analysis

This feature helps you closely observe and monitor the progress of products on different Shopify stores. By browsing using keywords from specific products, their importance, or their popularity in stores, you can obtain access to information such as:

  • Popularity of products
  • Price estimates
  • Information about product traffic, as well as other necessary information about the products to enable your successful entry into the market.

Video Marker

This is an incredible tool that enables you to use images to create videos for advertising your products. You have the option of using the existing video—which is obtained from being a member, but you can equally create yours if you think it is insufficient.

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You can do this by simply pasting the URL of the product image on the video maker software. In a short while, it would create a thrilling video for your product.

Niche Scraper Plans

Niche scraper offers three plans which are:

  • Free plan

Users of this plan would have to endure 3 days’ delay in having access to winning products in Niche scraper. This also comes with other inconveniences such as restricted functions and access to the best products within the tool.

  • Pro Membership plan

Under this plan, you have unrestricted access to all the functions and best winning products. Its price ranges from about $35 to $39 monthly. It also gives you unrestricted access to create different video advertisements for as many products as possible.

  • Annual Pro membership plan

This plan is virtually the same as the Pro membership plan. But as the name implies, it’s a yearly subscription plan which offers you the staggering benefit of getting an astounding 60% discount.

In capping up the review on niche scraper, it is important for us to briefly examine its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It allows payment using most payment platforms such as debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.
  • It offers a reasonably cheap plan, with its 60% discount gotten from the annual pro membership plan.
  • Its user interface can be easily navigated; which is especially good for beginners.
  • You can easily create thrilling video advertisements by using product images.
  • It examines the best-selling products on other stores and provides you with their ratings, and how best market them.


  • Its pricing can be a little too much for individuals with low budgets
  • Payment with a debit card can be challenging.

With that, we move to:

EcumHunt Review

Ecumhunt is an excellent tool for finding out the best product for your store. It offers the necessary information on everything you need to know about the product.

It keeps tabs on big names in the e-commerce industry such as Aliexpress, as well as social media handles.

Similar to Niches scraper it arms you with necessary information about winning products.

Ecumhunt comes with certain features; which we shall touch briefly before comparing it with Niche scraper.

First is its:


Similar to Niche scraper, Ecumhunt’s interface is quite easy to navigate. In Ecumhunt you are saved the stress of assessing products yourself, for it sends daily information about winning products to your selected store. All products come with their Facebook targets, video advertisement copy, other necessary information, as well as connections to suppliers.

You can also get the price of products as gotten from its seller and your possible profit. You can as well transfer these products to your Shopify account (if you have one).

Facebook Ads

Ecumhunt gives access to Facebook ads to enable you to attract the right audience to your store. It equally offers free mouth-watering product videos to use in your store. Also, as a beginner, you can get access to free tutorials on Facebook targeting to enable you to find your way around the system.

Product Analysis

This helps you know the degree of profit you stand to make by enhancing your ad campaign to know how best to market your product.

You can get information about the location of the product, reviews, ratings, and other benefits.

AdHunter Chrome Extension

This is a mouth-watering feature that gives you catered access to important Facebook Ads for marketing your products.

It equally shows you sponsored ads and their duration.

The possibility of enjoying this feature is enhanced when you become an active member.

Internet seminars, Videos, and Tutorials

This is especially helpful to beginners of the dropshipping business. Here you are exposed to the basics of the business and how to grow. Although it is limited to pro members.

Online connections to Winning products

As mentioned earlier Ecumhunt offers you links to winning products as well as a variety of best products to choose from.

  • Ecumhunt Membership Plans

Contrary to niche scraper it comes with two functional plans; the free membership and the pro membership plan. The former gives a restriction on products for 3 days.

And also come with several constraints and restrictions. Therefore, to maximize your experience you would need to upgrade to the pro version. The pro membership plan costs about $29, but a discounted rate you can get it for $20.

Before we compare and contrast both tools, we would briefly touch the advantages and disadvantages of using Ecumhunt.


• You get a detailed assessment of the best-selling products in other stores and their ratings. • You have access to amazing video ads • It helps you know how best to reach your target audience. • It comes with an easy to use interface with videos and tutorial options.


  • No annual plans
  • It has restrained payment options.
  • It does not specify the product niche.

Comparison between both of them

In all fairness these two drop shopping tools are great. They offer a lot of services at a moderately affordable price.

The interesting feature of niche scraper is that it gives you the leverage and opportunity to create videos brandishing your products. But with Ecumhunt you get videos containing product description.

While users can enjoy the free and pro mode plans they both have, I think Niche scraper slightly edges it with their annual plan offer. With the 60% discount rate, you enjoy a fat gain when compared to the usual monthly plan. Although, Ecumhunt monthly plan is cheaper (you can also choose to maximize your gain through this means).

Amidst their similarity, a few other subtle differences exist. This is derived from the experience of actively using both.

These two platforms boast of features that make Dropshipping less challenging than it could have been. You can examine which of them is more closely suited for the kind of products you deal with and the direction you might want to take to aid the growth of your Dropshipping business. However, the best way to know which suits you better is to try them both.

Whichever one you choose; you can be sure to get good value for it.

How To Get International Shipping From Any US & UK Store To Nigeria?

How To Get International Shipping From Any US & UK Store To Nigeria

As we all know, there are great shopping opportunities in the USA and the UK for products of all kinds. The US stores such as Amazon, eBay, or Walmart offer products for very appealing prices, however, it is not always easy to find the way to get these items outside of the US or UK to Nigeria. Many of the US and UK stores don’t provide international shipping and the carries can be really expensive. We want to help you with this issue and that’s why we offer you the solution on how to ship from the US & UK to Nigeria in a very simple and affordable way.

How Does Package Forwarding Work?

If you need to ship goods from the US or UK to Nigeria, we are here for you to take care of it. It is really simple if you use the service of Planet Express. Here is the description of the basic steps to forward the package to your country:

  1. Create a Planet Express account for free.
  2. Get your US & UK address, that you can use as a shipping address when you order from any US and UK stores.
  3. Shop online and send your package to this address. Your package will be delivered to our warehouse in California, Oregon, or Warrington.
  4. When your package arrives, we receive it and notify you about it by email. We will add the package to your account so you are able to check the pictures of it or take advantage of our additional services.
  5. With only a few clicks you can then forward the package to Nigeria and track it on its way to you. 

Package Forwarding Pros

  • We offer one of the best shipping rates with up to 80% savings compared to retail prices of couriers.
  • When your package arrives at our warehouse we take a free photo of it from outside and also of the label – this way you can know the sender. If you wish to have additional pictures of what is inside the package we can take other photos for you.
  • There are no hidden fees – you always see what you pay for.
  • Our customer support is online every day – and is always happy to help you with anything you need regarding our service.
  • We offer you a lot of other additional services such as consolidation of your packages, repacking, splitting the package, scanning documents, removing invoices, and many others.
  • We can also shop for you from any US online store with our Shop For Me service (see more info below).
  • If you find out the package that was delivered to our warehouse doesn’t contain what you wanted or you just changed your mind and don’t want the products anymore, we can return the package to the seller for you.
  • We explain everything you need to do in our step by step video tutorials, so you can easily understand the process.

Package Forwarding Cons

  • If you want to forward the package from the US to Nigeria you always have to count on the Duty and TAX. This can mean additional fees for you. The standard VAT rate for Nigeria is 7,5%.
  • The whole process of package forwarding may take a little longer due to the various steps.
  • It is not possible to ship everything due to prohibitions and restrictions on some goods. For example, medicaments, ballpoint pens, chemicals, soaps, and detergents may be problematic.
  • There are also some weight and size limits for the various shipping methods.

Shop For Me

Some US stores also don’t accept foreign credit cards. That’s why we also offer you the Shop For Me service. We can order and purchase the goods for you, so you are able to get them to your Planet Express address. It is really simple – you just fill in the necessary details about the order and we take care of the rest. Once your goods arrive at our warehouse we will notify you and you can ask for pictures to see if the package contains what you wanted.

Fulfillment Center & Dropshipping

We are here also for the retailers, e-commerce stores, or startups that are looking for the solution for complete fulfillment and reverse logistics. Planet Express offers you clear pricing and affordable prices. We can also handle the return management for damage return, exchange, resell, or liquidation.

We can help you send the shipment to our warehouse and take care of important paperwork. We check the quality of all products to make sure they are in perfect condition and store them at our warehouse. Based on your requests, we send the products to your customers using the shipping method you choose. Our experts will help you to choose the best fulfillment service for you. 

How Much Does The Shipping To Nigeria Cost?

The shipping price for the package forwarding from the US to Nigeria is very affordable. The price depends on the dimensions and weight of the package and the shipping method you choose. Available shipping methods for Nigeria are DHL, FedEx, USPS, or Aramex. You have a chance to calculate the shipping price in advance using the Postage Calculator.

For your picture, here are some examples of the shipping price from the USA to Abuja, Nigeria for packages of various dimensions:

Delivery method1 lb, 10×7×4 inches10 lbs, 15×10×8 inches20 lbs, 20×13×10 inches
Planet Mail Economy$18.85n/an/a
Planet Mail Express$18.91n/an/a
USPS ePacket$28.39n/an/a
USPS Priorityn/a$73.68$143.76
USPS Express$39.31$84.5$156.2
Aramex Priority$28.11$84.08$160.39
FedEx Economy$42.19$68.14$104.87
FedEx Priority$62.51$72.25$129.25
DHL Express Worldwide$92.01$171.61$283.57

Prices have been calculated using the Planet Express calculator on the 4th of June 2020.

About Planet Express

Our company was founded in 2017 and we are here for people from all over the world who want to shop in the US and the UK stores, or forward packages and mail from/for friends and family. We want to make package forwarding cool and simple.

We offer you innovative mailing and package forwarding services that allow you to purchase from the US retailers even though they don’t provide international shipping. We set up 3 warehouses (2 in US and 1 in the UK) where we are able to receive your packages for you, take care of them and meet your special requests before shipping and forward them to your country afterward.

We understand that logistics can be a bit confusing sometimes, that’s why we try to help you understand every step. We made video tutorials and step-by-step guides. We also offer help for retailers, startups, or small businesses providing the fulfillment service, where we can take care of all logistics for them. Transparency is one of our main values and we always want you to know what you pay for and what we can do for you.

Our customer service is here for all of your questions. Planet Express offers you clear pricing, professionalism, reliability, and integrity. Our team wants to make it easy for you to arrange international shipping from the US and the UK to your home.

If you wish to learn something more about us from the view of our valued customer read some of the reviews.


No matter wherever in Nigeria you are, if you are an online shopper, retailer, or you work on your new business, we know you all deserve to take benefits of products with amazing pricing from the US & the UK. We know it is not always easy to get what you need or want, that’s why we are here to help you, offering a friendly and individual attitude to each of you. Our service offers you amazing pricing for the package forwarding to your country and guides you step by step on the way to receive your goods.

Aliexpress standard shipping

Welcome back, In this article, you will learn different ways to shorten the Aliexpress standard shipping time directly on AliExpress and this will aid you in your dropshipping business.

Each customer wants to get its product within 24hrs from check-out that why the place of fast shipping in dropshipping business or any eCommerce business is really very necessary.

Your customers want their products fast and you want the money to roll in fast too. Right?

But is a fact on AliExpress, shipping time takes too long and many drop shipper are looking for an alternative faster shipping than AliExpress.

In this post, I will be sharing with you how you can reduce Long Aliexpress standard shipping time. Where you can deliver your goods to your customers with 2 – 5 shipping days, also you will learn other alternatives to AliExpress shipping

first, Let me briefly respond to the common question asked by most of the people just in case you haven’t heard about it.

How Long Does Aliexpress Take To Ship?

AliExpress standard shipping time usually takes 15-45 days worldwide while a number of other countries take around 20-45 days.

This has made many people be afraid of starting an e-commerce business, but we will be doing justice to that in this article!

Let’s get started

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How to reduce shipping time on aliexpress

Below are some different ways to get fast delivery on any products you ordered on Aliexpress to your customers.

1. Ship From United State On AliExpress Website

First of all, you need to understand that you can get fast delivery on the Aliexpress website. Furthermore, this can only work for those that are dropshipping to Europe and the US.

Most Aliexpress supplier has there warehouse both in China and many other oversea countries like in the US. Therefore, using them is going to be domestic shipping and equally a faster delivery system that takes only a few days to get to your customer.

To check it out, just go to the AliExpress search tab and enter the product you want to look for. From your result page, you will see a box with a “ship from“ as an option.

Aliexpress standard shipping

Click on the “drop-down button” that appears next to the search bar and choose the US if your customer is based in the US. This will show you a lot of sellers who has a warehouse in US and also can ship from the US.

Once you find the one that interests you, then proceed by checking the estimated delivery time because they differ from each other.

Aliexpress standard shipping

The downside is that the supplier usually increases the cost of the product a little bit (+$2 – $5) which is actually not bad. This you can still add to the product price and still makes a profit.

another disadvantage of this method to this is that there are fewer product choices because not all suppliers on AliExpress has a warehouse in the US. Therefore, the number of products you can find is going to be small.

Finally, as you know already it only works in the US and some European countries. So, this might not be the best option for you if you want to sell to some other countries in Asia and Africa.

2. ePacket Shipping Option

ePacket is a shipping alternative offered by Chinese suppliers. It enables sellers in China and Hong Kong to provide fast shipping and an affordable option for light goods.

With the aid of ePacket delivery, it takes about 7 – 10 days to deliver packages from China to any countries like US, Canada, Australia and some other European Countries. In case of African Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Mali, Cameroon etc might not support ePacket delivery at the moment but merchant should expect a delivery time of 21- 35 and most of the time before 30days.

ePacket delivery allows customers to track, monitor and locate their product at no additional cost on websites such as USPS and EMS.

ePacket Requirments

The highest length of an item can only be 24’ 60cm. The total height, length and thickness shouldn’t exceed 36’ [90cm]

Besides that, the package can’t be more than $400 in price and should not weigh higher than 2 kg to be eligible for ePacket delivery.

As of May 2020, only 44 countries support ePacket deliveries which means you can drop ship to the following countries using ePacket service.

Great Britain
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United States
United Kingdom
If you are targeting any of the above countries using ePacket delivery getting your products to your customers staying in this counties will be more faster and cheap.

This is mostly because all on average a package traveling to USA can take 7 – 10 business days to arrive from the date of shipment.

3. Spocket MarketPlace

Spocket is entirely different from AliExpress. A big marketplace for drop shippers to sourcing high quality and discounted products.

There are many products on Spocket at a very high discounted price ready to be sold on your Shopify store with fast shipping of between 2-5days deliveries.

If you are searching for a faster alternative to AliExpress, you might as well check out Spocket. Spocket is known for fast deliveries and you’ll also enjoy a higher markup on the products you’re dropshipping.

At same the time, making use Spocket allows you to entirely automate the dropshipping operation for your ecommerce store.

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Some of the Benefits of using Spocket includes:

  • Enjoy 2-5days faster delivery of your products
  • Enjoy access to several suppliers from different countries
  • Automate the entire dropshipping process
  • Access to many products under different niche.
  • Import products directly to your Shopify store.

None of the listed above is useful to me, what do I do?
Well, dropshipping with AliExpress Standard shipping time have over time brought about complaints with regards to delays and the delivery time

Although, It is worth noting that Aliexpress has improved in recent years and still improving their service by partnering with major local and international logistics companies.

But never worry, even with the below outline you can still work something out.

Dropshipping cheap products

Cheap product merit the wait. This is because products on Aliexpress come with free shipping and most customers are willing to wait for it.

You can get cheap products on Aliexpress and always be careful not to dropship bad/inferior products.

Dropshipping hot items

Your customer won’t mind the delivery time once your product is unique. This is why it’s very important to take time while choosing your products. Be sure the products you are dropshipping cannot be easily sourced for from the bricks and mortar traditional stores.

No Emergence products

The point of dropshipping business is to create an impulse purchase motivated by emotions and not dropshipping life-critical products.

If you are willing to dropshipping essential products like medicines which your customers have an urgent need for, then you should provide your own means of reaching your customer need and not through a supplier.

Once your customer knows they are not buying out of urgency or a burning desire but because they like your products. Then they can afford the wait.

Disclaimer Notice

This is very necessary when it comes to dropshipping with Aliexpress. Because most customers get agitated when they notice the products they purchase are getting longer to deliver.

This is totally going to be different when you write the shipping Disclaimer Notice making it very visible in your store for every of your customer see – and for your own safety too.

You can write on the product description that -Please Note: The average shipping time is 30-60 days and the buyer will know what to expect from their purchase.

Customer Support

Using your customer support to your own benefit can go a long way in your dropshipping business.

It is impossible not to have upset customers that will call and message when they think their item is missing.

But not to worry, you can patiently handle it in the following ways:

Include the shipping time once again when you send the confirmation email to your customers. It’s appropriate to remind them of the expected delivery period because not all of them will be attentive to read this in the product description. You can either do this manually or for your convenience, do it automatically with Alidropship Plugin. It will automatically notify your customers.

Again, immediately you receive the tracking code from your supplier, send the code to the buyer. Then explain how to use the information to know about the current location of the package. You can also install the Alidropship plugin to do this automatically.

Finally, make the refund policy very clear. This will increase your customer trust when the return policy is clearly stated on the product page. If it’s 30 – 45 days or 60 days, kindly explain that you will make 100% refunds if the product is not delivered within this period of time.

If this is clearly written, your buyers will only get their refund if the product did not reach its location on the 46th or 61st day!


Have your business registered in the US if it isn’t already. This will allow you to be able to use Stripe payment to process orders on your website.

Having it this way will allow you to sell directly to the US market irrespective of your country. I’ve written an article on how to register your business and use Stripe payment on your website.

Ecomhunt Review 2020: Is It Worth It?

Ecomhhunt review

It may sound mysterious to you that you can start a dropshipping business with $0 cost investment.

The profit does not consistently come moving or flying, so that is what we do not often here.

In this case, you need to do a lot of e-commerce (SEO), invest in social media marketing and after that, you are still not guaranteeing that your selected product is actually going to sell quickly.

I have seen a lot of people that started the dropshipping business and easily give up in time along the way.

Why is that, instead of making the profit they will end up paying countless recurring fees at the end of the month.

Well, actually you would not blame them because it is a simple business platform, so you either lose or win.

For instance, dropshipping is like a serious online business platform that could really get you some extra cash. But actually you need a detailed plan to make a dime.

You can see it yourself, gone are the days while it takes months to actually make a good profit while doing a dropshipping business.

As you can see, with the advent of fast searching tools-selling product, you can even start making your money back in the first week of beginning your dropshipping business.

Now, the good news is that searching tools for winning products cost a little or nothing could be afforded.

While the bad news is that more and more are coming up every day by day, so making it hard to select the right tool from the wrong one.

As a result of this, I have decided to pick-up a few things I normally used and check it.

How does EcomHunt Works?

Simply put this, EcomHunt can save you the stress for searching for hot and quick selling of products online. Instead, you can look into other things that normally matters a lot for your e-commerce business.

EcomHunt can update you on several products on a daily basis for its users and are specially handpicked by experts. The products updated include the following data such as:

  • Links
  • Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Profit
  • Product Video
  • Facebook targeting
  • Facebook Ads etc.

You can virtually sell the product on any e-commerce website which includes Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify and eBay etc.while having access to the users of the winning products.

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EcomHunt gives you, as the user access to winning and new selling products on day to day basis.

One of the most interesting thing about Ecomhunt is that, when you have links to the store selling these winning products, you can now have access to their best selling products that will add to your online store or to their other trending products.

So With this, you are easily making more than the intended value.

The major part of EcomHunt is that they always give you a 30-days money-back guarantee for each of the services you ordered.

You can easily get your refund if your expectation is not met within the 30-days then you can rest assured.

EcomHunt Review Pros & Cons

Like each other item out there accompanies their great and less preferred sides, EcomHunt has its own cons and pros.

Facebook ad insight: EcomHunt gives its individuals Facebook focusing on and knowledge about their day by day selling items. With this, you will realize the nation to target, sex, age and so on. They are truly doing all the difficult work for their individuals.

Hot Products: there is one thing you can ever make certain of with EcomHunt is approaching selling items. The great part is you will know these hot items before they turn into a web sensation.

Niche Products: I thought EcomHunt just finds the mainstream and serious items, however much to my dismay that you could likewise locate your hot selling speciality items. They are assortments of speciality, so you should simply peruse through and locate the engaging item for your store.

Facebook AdHunter: With this instrument, you can keep an eye on your rival’s promotions on Facebook and adjust the advertisements to try and sell better. this chrome expansion is a serious deal yet they make it a free device to their individuals.

Free Membership: the free participation plan is excessively restricted. All the cool highlights permitted are accessible for the Master individuals.
Limited Products: sometimes the day by day items could normally grow.

EcomHunt Membership Plan & Pricing

The free enrollment plan gives you access to 2 items every day except with restricted information.EcomHunt accompanies two participation plan which is the free and Expert arrangement.

Other days by day refreshed items will be discharged to the free individuals after the third day.

ecomhunt price

Free individuals should overhaul in the event that they need access to the full item information being discharged on the regular routine.

In any case, the Genius enrollment plan on different hands gives you access to all there is about EcomHunt. You will gain admittance to full item information like connects to stores previously selling the items, advertisements video, focusing on, Facebook promotions and so on.

Be that as it may, it going to cost you $29/month however by and by you can get it for $20/month which obviously is going be restricted very soon.

An extra cool element you will approach as a part or client is the Promotion Tracker expansion which will be clarified in this manner.

EcomHunt Review – The Key Features

This is actually the selling factor of EcomHunt, as it really makes it a point of attention for every drop shippers trying to get some fast cash easier.

However, Knowing the winning items itself is just the starting but be able to know how to sell it fast because is the major deal.

On account of EcomHunt, with their product information, you can begin to sell these products very quickly.

The following are the key highlights and products information EcomHunt offers it, individuals. They include:

Selling/Trending Products

With EcomHunt you can be rest guarantee that you are gaining admittance to trending products. In their words (EcomHunt), “they are accumulation of the best new products, consistently”.

Mainly, the hardest part is finding the products that individuals really need to purchase, and this part is as of now done by EcomHunt.

Being a professional part you will access to the triumphant products and not simply that, how you can undoubtedly sell them through Facebook showcasing.

Utilizing the information that accompanies the products, you will have the option to set up a Facebook ads crusade that objectives the real crowd that needs to purchase the products.

What could be simpler than this? That is the reason EcomHunt is one of the top indents.

Product Profits and Analytics

This element permits you to know the real value you will get the product from (AliExpress) and just as the potential benefit of the products.


With highlights this way, you will have the option to arrange for the amount you are prepared to spend on ads and the potential returns before you add the product to your online store.

Also, you’ll know how well the product is getting along via web-based networking media. As in you will approach the all-out quantities of offer the product is having and too all out remarks and likes.

Knowing the all-out commitment a product is having as of now will tell you how far the product will go or how popular it as gone.

In conclusion, you will likewise be given analytics from where the product originated from (AliExpress). I especially like this perspective as it tells me how great and authentic the product is before outsourcing it.

It will obviously express the quantities of requests, evaluations, surveys, and all out votes the products are having. With this, you are to know whether the product is adding qualities to genuine purchasers.

Facebook Ads and Targeting

This component gives you access to Facebook ads that are as of now running. In the interim, you additionally be giving a free product video you can either show on your store or use them to run a notice for your product.

This part is especially acceptable on the off chance that you do not have an earlier thought of how to publicize your product. Utilizing the current promotion titles and data will end up being a decent beginning for you.

About the Facebook targeting, it is progressively similar to an accomplished for you explore the instrument. Being a professional part you will approach Facebook determined targeting.

On the off chance that you have some involvement in Facebook ads yourself, this is increasingly similar to an or more reward and you could essentially alter it to change over considerably more.

Having no idea about Facebook ads? At that point go with the targeting accomplished for you, yet I will exhort you do some Facebook understanding on the product yourself, with this, you will be additionally edifying on the most proficient method to run a predetermined Facebook promotion targeting for any of your future products.

On the off chance that you are the apathetic kind simply like me, at that point I figure you will discover EcomHunt an intriguing apparatus.

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Links to Supplier’s & Existing Selling Stores

This component makes outsourcing so natural that you can scale it up to any degree.

Like I said before utilizing the free participation plan is going to restrict your advantages from EcomHunt as all the great highlights are accessible for the genius individuals.

This one is select to star individuals, with this, you will be offering connects to the real provider of the item on (AliExpress).

While from that point you can, without much of a stretch import the item either utilizing Alidropship Module for WooCommerce or WordPress or just use Oberlo in the event that you are on Shopify stage as of now.

Moreover, you will be offering connects to stores previously selling these items and with this, you will approach extra winning items you find on the stores immediately.

For you to do this, essentially peruse through their top selling items and you will approach other winning items.

This is really solving two problems at once.

EcomHunt Review Conclusion

The EcomHunt scanning instrument for winning items is really useful for each drop shippers that are simply beginning.

As this gives a way to make snappy money through Facebook showcasing by the items information gave as of now by EcomHunt.

Utilizing the apparatus is exceptionally encouraging, you do not need to stress on the off chance that you are an amateur they similarly give online classes and instructional exercises to individuals and the information you will be getting alone from this could prop you up assuming in the end, you quit utilizing the device.

I believe it is a success win circumstance because yet the participation expense you will be paying is far less contrast with the benefits you will be making so am not saying that EcomHunt is 100%.

Best Payment Gateways in Nigeria

Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

In this article, I will be showing the the top online payment gateways in Nigeria as well as my no.1 international payment gateway in Nigeria.

Each day eCommerce business grows in Nigeria, nowadays every business is moving online because it has proven to be the best way to sell quickly.

The fact that you can sell any service or product online without getting limited to a certain location is the best reason to start eCommerce business in Nigeria.

Only things that you need to do is first, create a website for your business, then integrate your chosen payment gateway and start receiving payments online when someone buys.

However, “If you need an E-commerce website or any type of website but need a developer to help you with it. Note, My team and I can help design a Professional E-commerce website”. kindle check out our portfolio.

Alright, if you don’t know the right payment gateways to use for your business you may find it difficult running your business successfully in Nigeria.

There is nothing to stress about, because this article is about to do justice to that. Sit tight and enjoy every bit of it.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

This simply means to edify you on how it functions. For those of us that are yet to comprehend the bare essential of what payment gateway does.

For simple comprehension, payment gateway is a product that oversees transactions between an eCommerce website and the bank that approve or decays a customer’s Mastercard payment.

This isn’t constrained to Mastercards, it incorporates eChecks and even digital forms of money like etherium, bitcoin and so forth are completely handled by payment gateways.

A payment gateway is liable for the enchantment that happens when a customer utilizes his/her ATM (Credit/Check cards) to make payment on the web or online.

This shields the customer’s subtleties from being powerless against web programmer or open by the eCommerce website.

While picking the correct payment gateway in Nigeria for your business, there are some significant highlights that you should not disregard.

Here are the features of a payment gateway:


A protected network is significant while you are searching for the ideal of payment gateway in Nigeria for your business.

It is basic that your customers should believe that their money related data will stay secure on your website while buying your service or product.

For this, you have to search for PCI consistency in any payment gateway you will use on your website.

As this is urgent while tolerating payment on the web or online.


Other than the protected payment, the payments procedure ought to be smooth and simple for your customers.

If the whole procedure is getting excessively long and awkward, your customer may surrender the payment and investigate the different website.

Now, go for famous payment gateways that permits you to incorporate with Significant shopping baskets just as acknowledges significant’s cards.

While the most significant piece of the customer’s experience is portable streamlining.

This permits your customer to effectively checkout on your site utilizing their cell phone.


You should search for payments gateway that permits international payments with the exception of you are excessively keen on offering to Nigerians market alone.

The internet is global this day and it crosses all sectors

Which implies your customer can emerge out of any piece of the world to purchase your goods or services on your website

Along these lines, do not confine yourself to a payment gateway that just permits you to get payment in Nigeria alone.


Every payments gateway in Nigeria contrasts with regards to the transaction fee.

So it is appropriate you to do your discovering a long time before you bounce on one.

The fee could truly include when much transactions are being completed on your websites.

Rundown of eCommerce payments gateway in Nigeria:

Presently how about we experience the rundown of the top payment gateways in Nigeria and get yourself the correct one for your business.

1. Paystack



Based on my previous express, I recommend Paystack as the best gateway I Nigeria

Paystack is the most advanced and if not the best in Africa when it comes to processing online payment.

With Paystack you can receive payment via debit and credit cards and other different channels.

One of the most interesting about Paystack is that you don’t need a website to receive payment. It allows you to receive payment via their payment page and also through personal generate invoices.

All payment all send direct to your personal back account within 24hrs. Except on public holidays and weekends.

It also allows you to receive international payment on your website. Note, you need to request for it first before it is activated for you only when you Meetup with their criteria.

Paystack charge 1.5% for local cards and 3.9% for international payments.
Both transactions come with a fixed amount of 100 naira.

That is for each transaction, you will be charged 100 naira plus 1.5% or 3.5% vat charges except for payment less than N2500.

It can be integrated into eCommerce built with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify etc.

2. Stripe

Stripe logo

Stripe is by far the most widely used and the most popular payment gateway right now but Not popular in Nigeria because isn’t available by default.

But that does not mean you can’t use it. You need to set up your business in America and get yourself a Tax Identification Number before you can make use Stripe.

It allows you to receive payment in any currency and in any country.
The integration is seamless to integrate and easy to set up.

You do not have to pay a penny to register an account.

Stripe charges 2.9% plus $0.30 cents on every successful payment on your website.

You can read the full article about Stripe set up here!

3. Rave by Flutterwave

flutterwave logo

Flutterwave owned Rave pay and Get-barter. Get-bater use for creating virtual credits cards to make payments online.

Flutterwave itself is set up to accumulate payment service from different payment gateways and put them under one platform.

However, Rave by flutterwave is similar service like Paystack that enables merchants to accepts payments.

This is for both international and local payments from a bank transfer, cards, payment and USSD etc.

Rave enables payment from Bank Account, Visa, MasterCard, USSD etc. and they charge up to 1.4% for the local payment fee. While 3.5% for an international processing fee.

4. VoguePay

Voguepay is a payment processor in Nigeria that offer both sellers and buyers an easy and secured means to means transact business online.

Thus, using VoguePay, merchants could create a VoguePay account and integrate the plugin into their eCommerce website for free.

Furthermore, VoguePay allows merchants to receive payment for their products and services from various channels.

Which includes, Internet banking, wallet transfer, bitcoin payment etc.

VoguePay charges up to 4.5% for international transaction and 2.5% for local transaction

5. Remita


Remita is a multi-channel fund collection platform and is the most popular in Nigeria. It supports almost any types of biller organizations.

The Remita payment gateway can be used by government, e-commerce sites, schools, insurance companies, religious organization, utility companies, clubs, and associations etc. to collect various types of fees.

They are popular because they are mostly used by the different government sectors to receive and process payment online.

6. Interswitch Webpay

Interswitch WebPay is one of the payment gateways in Nigeria but costly to set up compare the others.

Interswitch charges a one time fee of N150,000 and a subsequent transaction fee of 1.5%.

Furthermore, a flat fee of N2,000 is charged for each transaction that is above N133,333 then the subsequent 1.5% for the lesser transaction.

7. SimplePay

The SimplePay previously is one of the simplest ways to receive payments online but not they are no longer in business.

It was specifically designed to allow merchants to accept International and local payment on their WooCommerce site.

They charge N300 per bank verification and subsequent 1.5% for every card transaction while 5% for international payments processed.

9. PayU

Pay U

PayU payment is the top payment gateway service provider with the aim of creating a simple, efficient and fast payment system for Nigeria customer and their merchant.

They make everything easy for customers to make payment online through their mobile device, tablet, computer, e-wallet or even offline.

Their plan are based on what resonate with your business plan Because their services are spread across several plans

10. GTPay

GTPay owned by GTbank is also one of the Payment Gateway in Nigeria which allows merchants to receive payment on their ecommerce store.

Merchant interested in GTPay by GTbank should register in any nearest GTBank for Merchant ID and Hash key.

GTPay payment gateway allows merchants to receive payments both on international and local issued cards which includes Visa, MasterCard and Interswitch.

The cost to set up an account with GTPay is N75,000 which they charge 1.5% on every transaction.
Just like Paystack, all payments received are remitted the following day and for every international transaction, the next 48hours.

11. First Pay link

First Pay owned by First Bank is also a payment processor in Nigeria which allow merchants to receive payment on their website via MasterCard, Visa, eTranzact and InterSwitch.

First PayLink charges 1.5% per transaction and it subjects a maximum of N2,000.

12. U-Collect

U-Collect owned by United Bank of Africa(UBA). It allows merchants to receive payment on their website like others.

With U-Collect you can process any kind of local and international payments from Verve, MasterCard and Visa Cards.

U-Collect occurs to be free to register and set it up and they charge 1.5% per transaction done on their platform with a cap of N2,000.

13. DusuPay


DusuPay is one of the top African Payment gateway processors which is free to set up and allows payments via MasterCard, Visa and Verve.

DusuPay pricing plan, differs from the rest of the payment gateways out there.

Merchant interested should at least check out their pricing plan before going for them.

14. GlobalPay

GlobalPay owned by Zenith Bank, indigenous payment gateways in Nigeria like the rest of the top banks.

Global Pay accepts payments made via Visa, MasterCard, Verve etc.

Setting up a GlobalPay merchant account cost N75,000 and they charge 1.5% of every transaction processed on their platform.

15. eTranzact

eTranzact is a channel electronic payment platform and a multi-application network that support all major cards networks.
This card includes all locally issued cards in Nigeria like Verve etc.

eTranzact is a growing platform that has spread across different African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and a few other African

In addition, you can equally receive payment with ease on your website with eTranzact.


As interesting as they all seem, their functionality and user experience differs from one another

So it’s necessary you understand the functionalities before launching them for your business.

However, I do recommend Rave and Paystack. You can easily use then to process in Naira and Dollar.

That is it on the list of top payment gateways in Nigeria, let me know what you think by using the comment box below.

5 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool 2020

Dropshipping product research tool

Are you getting curious to see your next dropshipping winning product research tool?
If so, then let’s move on!

1. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Just incase you do not know any thing about the AliExpress Dropshipping Center research Tool or you do not know how to set it on your AliExpress account, then I suggest you to read my article on How to activate dropshipping center on aliexpress

aliexpress dropshipping product research

The wonderful thing about it is that it is free and easy to use and also owns by Alibaba which gives you basic research product options!

Price: AliExpress Dropshipping center is free

2. Ecomhunt

The next product research tool after AliExpress Dropshipping is called Ecomhunt.

This is another important product research tool.

This tool does the same as other Dropshipping tools. They add a good number of new winning products daily.


And on each product they include a lot of information like Video ad, suggested selling price, targeting audience and many more.

Note, as a beginner, These product research tools are definitely for you.

This tool helps you with a lot of things related to that product you wish to sell.

For instance, when I just started dropshipping business I didn’t know the type of audience to target on Facebook for my new product.

Luckily this product research tools helped me to solve that problem.

The price of Ecomhunt is $20 per month. Note, this is based on the current price
Sometimes, they offer a free account with limited features


These tools show you what’s hot on AliExpress.
It will give you a lot of inspiration for your product research! review

In the past, they only had a free version available, but now they have upgraded to a new dropshipping version which is also available.

That one is called Thieve Supply.


Their free version is free, and their dropshipping version (Thieve Supply) is currently $5 per month with an early access discount (otherwise it’s $29 per month).

4. AliShark

Next tool is AliShark. AliShark is build by Engineers who created popular countdown timer Shopify app Hurrify!

In case, you are curious to know what this tool does, then I suggest watching their video below.

The current price of AliShark is $20 per month.

5. Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy

Another Best dropshipping research tools go with is Dropship Spy.
Currently they have 10 different tools in one subscription package.

The only reason I personally dislike this kind of product research tools (Dropship spy) is that they only add less new winning products per day.

Although the products might be seen by a lot of people because of the number of subscribed they got; it’s still a great and wonderful tool to get inspiration for the next product that you like to add to your store!

And all the other tools inside Dropship Spy are definitely going to help you as well!

Their price ranges from $15-$20 per month.

6. Niche Scraper

I always like Niche Scraper. I think it is a good dropshipping tool for beginners in dropshipping.

They scrape products from Shopify dropshipping stores and AliExpress.

Also, they have a part with daily hand-picked products by any chance you do not like going through their dropshipping tools.

Their price ranges from $0-$39 per month.

Top Shopify stores 2020

Top Shopify stores 2020

Top Shopify Stores give people the opportunity to find a new niche and earn substantial money. Dropshipping is one of the best methods for people to earn extra income and many people are finding success in this method.

When you are starting out with a new product, you need to decide on how your Shopify store will look like and what niche it will take shape. This will be the niche that you sell. A niche will help to determine how much profit you will make. If you decided on big business or something of high demand, there is no doubt that you will be making profits.

The first thing that you must do when selecting a Shopify store is to think about it for a little bit. You will have plenty of time to reflect on what you want to sell and what you believe will be profitable.

Most people tend to get stuck in the dropshipping path and do not consider the possibility of starting their own venture with drop shipping. If you are starting to explore this method of selling, you will likely find out that dropshipping is an excellent method for any kind of product. This makes the process of finding the perfect niche very easy and simple.

When you look at the top Shopify stores ideas, you will see that there are certain things that you must look for. These include great product names, great product descriptions, and great products.

One of the first things that you will want to look for is whether or not the product can be marketed to people with no prior knowledge. This will ensure that you will be doing something that people have not seen before. In order to market a product successfully, you must get this done early. The longer you wait the more people will become aware of your product and will not purchase it.

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Another important aspect of finding top Shopify stores is to look for a good product name. This will ensure that you can market the product name well.

Here are list of top shopify stores .

Store Address Title Alexa
Cosmetics 2159
Cosmetics 3448 Fashion 3853 Fashion 4763 JB Hi-Fi – Australia’s Largest Home Entertainment Retailer 5023 Al Rugaib Furniture 5102
Global Designer Streetwear Brand. Designed In The UK, Inspired By Life 5413 Fashion 5673   6487 Fashion 7707

8453 Fashion 8745 Fashion 9784
10,435 Fashion 11,374 Software 11,646 Fashion 12,345 Shopify Themes  12,534 Accessories 12,552
Fashion, Accessories, Skate 13,671 Fashion 14,023 General 14,043  Bracelets 14,644 Accessories 15,122
Fitness, health & wellness  15,324 Jewelry 15,488 Fashion 15,690
General 15,917 Watches, Sunglasses & Accessories 16,422 Women’s, Men’s, Shoes and Accessories 16,839 Men’s & Women’s Streetwear Clothing 17,111 Phone Cases, Gifts, Clothing & Beauty Accessories. 17,157 Online Vape Shop  18,011 Cargo Streetwear, Cargo Pants & Techwears 18,134
Streetwear Lable 18,412 Fashion 19,892 Fashion 20,385 Streetwear Clothing & Sneakers Online 21,145 Fashion 21,155
Fashion 22,529 Car Tots Remote Control  23,051 Clothing, swimwear, crochet bikinis and more 23,602 Eyeshadow Palettes, Lip Colors, Makeup Brushes & More 24,248   25,187 citiesocial  25,507
Video game shirts, books, prints, and more. 25,761
Bodega 25,796 Fashion 25,953 At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit 26,501 E-liquid, Vape Juice, E-Cigarette 27,665


What I understand after going through the wonderful ride of top Shopify stores that each business went to a diverse path that takes them to success. Each business uses different means to get customers. Nevertheless, one thing is normal in every store that is also the primary factor of ecommerce success.

Which is – the right community!

All it takes is to establish a strong community based first and build your brand around it.

Reason Why People Fail With Dropshipping and eCommerce Businesses

Reason Why People Fail With Dropshipping

Despite the so many opportunities, if your Dropshipping business based on ecommerce is not going as planned, then the reasons might be from you: You might fix the price too high or You didn’t target the right audience. So, In this article, I will show you what and what you are doing wrongly and ways you can do it the right way.

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  1. Overestimating the Shipping time: Most times the shipping time may be more than estimated because of insufficient logistic company or insufficient financing for lower channels of distribution.
  2. Authenticity: Because you are new into the business buyers may be resistant to you and question your store authenticity.
  3. Lack of Patience & Persistence:
    Most Dropshippers think that dropshipping is a get rich quick scheme. They just don’t have the patience to start a dropshipping business. So, if you are not a patient type of person my advice is to start betting on sports instead because that’s only place you can earn instant money. Patience and persistence are key in the dropshipping business and also required any business. And, if you are just getting started with Dropshipping then it is necessary.
  4. Lack of Capital
    Though dropshipping doesn’t require a lot of Capital if you are just starting out for the first time then you need to keep a good budget in mind because in every business you need a capital to start. This is the price to pay for entry.
    Okay, Let’s say you are starting your first dropshipping store, you need to keep at least $100-$500 for marketing on different social media platforms. But, if you don’t have up to this even amount of capital then it is better not to venture into dropshipping until you have saved enough money.
  5. Product Quality: Another reason why dropshipping might not be working out for you might be because of the quality of your product. If your supplier supplies a less quality product to your buyers this will reduce the trust and lead to so many negative feedback for your business.
  6. High Prices of Dropshipping Products
    Most of the buyers that visit a dropshipping store will most likely search for the same product at different eCommerce store like amazon just to compare and contrast the prices.
    This is because customers always want to save money and they don’t want to feel cheated but always want to bargain, that why they go with a store that can easily give them a better deal. If they think they will get the same product at a lower price somewhere else, then they will leave the store.
    So, it is advisable to keep a lower price of the product below your competitor’s price while still staying profitable. You must learn how to balance both.
  7. Store Design Quality: If your dropshipping store looks cluttered and the design is unprofessional, it could have a major impact on the customer experience which might lead to distrust. Improper setup of dropshipping store is also a display of unprofessional behaviour between the buyer and you.
  8. Supplier Quality: A bad supplier can destroy one’s business. First, you need to find a good supplier using different supplier indexes provided by AliExpress like supplier review, Rating, years on AliExpress etc.
  9. Dropshipping is an open market which still has more opportunities for newcomers and it could be a good opportunity for you to start a dropshipping business. Just discover the trending product and the right audience to market the product.


If you are new in dropshipping you need to understand that dropshipping is not just another ‘get rich quick scheme’ it is a full-time business that requires time, consistency, hard work, patience and dedication. Only then you will be able to thrive in this busines.
Also, as Jack Ma says, “learn from your failures.” So, when they fail (and most will) they need to learn from that and start again if they are really serious about it

Is Dropshipping a Profitable & Money Making Business?

Dropshipping business

Is Dropshipping Profitable Business?

Drop shipping is a low-risk venture whose profitability depends mostly on your type of product. You will be successful if your niche or product is in high demand.
Dropshipping has help many people to escape poverty by putting food on their tables.

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping is a business model without actually having no inventory, dropshipping has three main stakeholders engaged in its process: the supplier, the customer and the shipping company. If you are able to connect the dots it means that you will start to make a lot of money online.

You as a Dropshipper sets up an online store displaying some products: for instance,

On this online, a buyer navigates and discovers the item they are looking for and he immediately ordered.

You as a Dropshipper tells your supplier on AliExpress that you received a new order. Then the supplier will arrange the product, packaging it and delivering it to your buyer.

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Is Dropshipping worth it?

Dropshipping is a nice idea and a lucrative business because making money in dollars means a lot for us. Think about making a daily income of $100 which is equivalent to N40,000. which is above our Minimum wages.

Here are a few reasons why it important to start Dropshipping Business:

  1. Cost-effective: Dropshipping can help save both starting up expenses and later expenses for New businesses. It is a good business model that is budget-friendly and easy to pocket that can push your business to a new point. This is a very useful decision for developing nations like Nigeria.
  2. Lowered risk: In Dropshipping, the risk of loss is so low compare to other businesses because you don’t stock any products. Only when the demand occurs will a product be purchase. This can be useful for us to look into because you won’t attract enormous losses given the shipping expenses.
  3. Internet Penetration: Internet penetration has increased in most countries over the past years, making online sales a very recreative deal. People access the Internet with their phones, and this gives them comfort that’s while they prefer to order stuff online instead of buying them from offline stores.
  4. No Inventory hassle: In Dropshipping there is no pressure to keep the inventory of each of the product and then aggressively market it to make sure it’s all sold-out. It relieves the Dropshipper unnecessary headache as you are not directly liable for product sourcing.
  5. Functions: If you notice, dropshipping features can be readily automated, making it easy to focus on other business functions such as Marketing, Sales, branding, and company growth. Functions such as pricing, monitoring orders, putting orders, marketing and performance review, promotions, etc. can all be automated with software and do not require you to regularly handle them.
  6. Purchasing Power: Another important trend in the world is the rise in buying power owing to higher disposable revenue. Individuals want to purchase more and want to know products that are trending around the world.
  7. Niche Products Availability: Gadgets, Electronics, clothing, books, goods and so on are becoming high in demand because this is mostly what individuals want. For example, if you sell t-shirts with famous only Quote or give signed celebrity posters, it can make your alot of business profit
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