Debutify Theme Review 2021 [best free Shopify template]

Debutify Theme Review

Shopify does not only aid the creation of an online store or e-commerce platform; it offers a lot of free and paid themes.

In time Drophippers have come to realize that the outlook or design of a store can contribute to customer’s/visitors response or attitude towards the store.

Debutify Theme Review OverView

As a Dropshipper, you need to be equipped with all the information or enhancements that can help you attract customers, boost sales, and ultimately grow your Dropshipping business.

Using a Shopify theme is one of the ways to achieve this; therefore, in this article, we will be reviewing Debutify theme—which is one of the available Shopify themes.

Debutify Theme Review

Debutify comes with a lot built-in features you can edit and readjust to your taste. It is an excellent theme designed to enhance accessibility, navigation and boost conversion rates.

It possesses two main versions, which are: Debutify Default and Debutify Light.

You can easily access features that enhances your product display; and is very easy to use.

The installation process is quite easy and direct.

The demo version offers you a chance to glimpse what you stand to enjoy should you choose to install the theme. Although, it doesn’t make up for the actual theme in anyway.

Below is a quick examination of notable Debutify theme features.

Optimally Built for All Niches

Debutify offers access to customization features that enables you sell any kind of product in any part of the world, regardless of the kind of store you plan to build.

Theme Layout

With debutify default layout, it is easy to find your way around your store. Sections are displayed with clarity, and you can easily access customization features with the theme setting. With your slider you can easily spot any alternative choice. This is enhanced by the expandable option found at the left hand side of the page.

With the basic layout, you don’t need to be an expert to make necessary alterations or customizations that suites you.

Design options

Unlike a few other Shopify stores, Debutify offers a handful of design options. Within the dashboard you can easily spot and access the settings tab. This settings tab gives you the access to make changes in the following· Home page· Navigation menu· Product page and· Footer page

Color Selection

With it numerous theme color collection you can easily switch between colors for your store. You can change your background color, Footer color, button options, etc.


Debutify is quite easy to install and customize for your website or store. As earlier mentioned it doesn’t take much time for you to find your way around it.

To install Debutify you need to key in your store’s URL, login and follow the installation process. Although it requires permissions to access your store’s personal information.

Also, the free version comes with a basic design; hence, you will need to upgrade to the premium/paid plans to enjoy more enhanced features.

Debutify Premium Features

There are a lot of features to enjoy under the Debutify premium plan. We will be looking at a handful of them below.

Cart Functionality

Debutify Theme Review features

This is one of the fore most premium feature we will be looking at.

With this feature animated figures (otherwise called Ad-to-cart animations) are shown to consumers, each time a product is added to their shopping cart. It’s an interesting feature that have the potentials to lure or make consumers add more products to their shopping cart; with a click. This Add-to-cart button is usually found beneath the items/products found in your product page or homepage.

Without a doubt Add-to-cart buttons are very important. This is because they make it easy for customers / visitors to store products in their shopping cart. With premium Debutify you can easily customize and make the add-to-cart button more visible to your customers.

It also comes with a sticky bar that floats around each times a customer swipe past the Add-to-cart button. This is also used for adding products into shopping carts. This floating bar also makes it easy for customers to expediently purchase products without going back to the initial add-to-cart button. Also, the sticky bar evidently makes it faster and easier for customers to make product purchases, which invariably boost sales.

Upsell Popups

This is much related to cart functionality. This feature helps you promote and notify customers about other products that could meet or satisfy their needs. It ensures that upsells popups and their rate of appearance are well timed.

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This feature also makes it easy and possible to show your consumers trust badges in your check out and product pages. This could also help build up their sense of security and confidence in your store; as well as increase their loyalty and trust.

Product Page

With Debutify premium theme you can add the following to your product page:· Product reviews· Product tabs· Videos

This helps to boost the information supplied to your customers about a product.

Product tabs enable you to add your product description, a snippet and a static page.

Sales Notification

By showing notifications on other product sales going on within your store, customers become eager and more willing to make purchases.

It’s a sales pop-up plug in that shows customers/visitors current product purchases that made in the store. This generally makes them more confident in making their own purchases.

Coupon and Newsletter Popups

With Debutify coupon popups, consumers can easily sign up for your coupons or newsletter. These coupons generally increase customer’s confidence and satisfaction in your brand. But, it is also important to note that incessant use of these popups can easily put off customers or visitors away from your store.

This feature aids you in properly timing your coupon popups, which invariably boost your sales. It enables you know how, when and who to target your coupon popups to. The same goes also goes for the newsletter popup.

Delivery Date

With this feature, customers can get to know the estimated time-period for the delivery of their product order. As long as their deliveries get to them on time, they will feel confident and encouraged to purchase more products from your store.

Store FAQ

Without a doubt, a credible and well set up store FAQ can help consumers find their way around your store. It can also help boost the interaction between you—the store owner and your customers.

Debutify offers this plug-in to online store & site owners to enable them proffer assistance and additional product information to their customers.

Customers can easily be attracted by a well-structured and effective store FAQ; especially because they are easy to find by search engines and it comes with a reasonable amount of product information.

Support Chat Boxes

This is another feature in the Debutify premium plan that helps you engage your customers.

With this feature, customers can interact with one another about your product, your store content and the services you render to them.

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You can easily customize the chat boxes. With any messaging platform of your choice you get notified each any of your customers engages or reaches out to you.

Navigation menu

This premium feature enables you to customize and add more columns to your navigation menu. You can easily create an advanced menu layout to enhance the accessibility of your product.

Shop protect

This Debutify premium feature offers you different security features to help secure your customers’ info, as well as integral details about your store, from third party access.

Debutify Software Updates

Debutify offers you timely notifications about their regular software updates. This enables you know and access their most recent offers and features. They also give room for feedbacks and reservations about their software updates.

Debutify Pricing Plans

A free plan with a basic layout.· Starter plan- a $ 5 monthly plan with three features.· Hustler plan- a $14 monthly plan with seven features.  · Guru plan (premium plan)- a $20 monthly plan, with access to all features.

They also offer a yearly plan with a 40% discount.

Debutify Theme Review pricing


Debutify offers seamless customization features and enhanced add-ons that makes it quite interesting and resourceful to use.

It enables you exchange one add-on for another, if you feel a particular add-on is not compatible with your store.

Debutify also allows you to easily switch between the different plans it offers; all you have to do is to make the necessary payments that comes with the selected plan.

Debutify Theme Review 2021

These features and Add-ons are easily accessed without much hassle, and does not reduce your store’s loading speed.

You can work with its effective basic layout or you can simply upgrade to its premium plan. The premium plan gives you more room to personalize or fine tune your store to your taste, and also helps you attain long term saving plans.

Debutify theme offers all this and many more; you can easily maximize your Dropshipping business by trying out it out.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review[Complete Guide]

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Overviews

When it comes to sourcing for products for your Dropshipping store, these two dropshipping tools come with a variety of features and tools to help you meet that need.

Here is a quick review of both tools to help you make up your mind easier and faster.

Alishark Review

Alishark is a notable dropshipping tool that helps you find winning products to sell in your store.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

They update products daily and hourly to help you keep tabs with products that have prospects of becoming winning products, or products with good selling potentials.

With Alishark you enjoy the following services: Get thorough details about every product available in the tool. You can check if the product has a video on Aliexpress, know the cumulative quantity that has been ordered, get swift reviews on sales, cost of production, sales rate, and sales history (between 2 to 6 months).

It sums up everything you need to know about a winning product. It equally exposes you to countries where the product sells more, and top drop shippers making sales on the product.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review
  • You have the opportunity of obtaining the sales history of any product which gives you the leverage to make predictions, knowing when you can make gains by running credible ads
  • You can get access to info on the hottest markets to sell your products to, and which drop shippers sell them. With the matching pages’ tool, you have the opportunity to monitor products from other stores, and study pricing layout to know your closest contenders in the market.
Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review
  • You also have the option to save products for later browsing—with this you are saved the risk of losing them or difficulty in finding them.
Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

There are a few other tools you can find—notably, the filter tools. Below is a quick rundown containing each of them.

Filtering by Sources

This helps you source out data about products from Aliexpress or Banggood without stress.

Filtering by Niche

This is similar to filtering by category, it’s an amazing feature that helps you sort out winning products by your preferred niche. With regular daily updates, there is a handful of niches to check out.

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This is particularly helpful to those who struggle to find their preferred niche. Advanced drop shippers can also tap into its incredible benefits. You can filter by niches such as archery, astronomy, beer, baking, and a whole lot more.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

Filter by Shipping Methods

With bits of help, you know products that possess e-packet or Aliexpress standard, or both.

Filter by Country

You can filter by countries with the highest sales in your interested products. This helps you narrow down your target audience.

You can also filter by where the product is shipped. For example, you can know products that are shipped from the US or China.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

Filter by Price

You can easily select a range for the prices of the products you are interested in. Although Alishark sets the highest product price limit to be $20, you can set your lower price limit to be $2. The higher price limit is especially good if you want products that can be sold at a cheaper price (below or at the price of $20).

Filter by the total number of orders

Here you can filter by a specific number of product orders (e.g. 2000).

If you only want to see the period for which the products have been ordered, you can filter from the total number of orders by your chosen time.

If you want to see products that have high or low daily orders, you can filter by Daily Orders.

You can also filter by Wish list; this helps you know the number of people that added the product to their wish list.

Other filter options include:

  • Filter by PayPal
  • Filter by saved only
  • Filter by product drop shipping
  • Filter by time
  • Filter by category
  • Filter by keywords, and a few other filtering options.

Advanced filters: – This helps you source out winning products that have good potentials to break into the market before it becomes saturated. You can filter by niche, countries, reviews, pricing, and a few other options.

You can also check out videos that are doing well on the Aliexpress listing page and Banggood.

Video generation tool

With this tool, you can create video ads from the product you find in Aliexpress or Alishark with ease. You can also add images, and fine-tune them to create any video of your choice.

Alishark subscription plan

They offer a 2-day trial at the cost of a dollar, and a monthly plan of 20 dollars. The interesting thing is that you can cancel your 2-day plan if we feel you’ve had enough experience.

Dropship Spy Review

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

This tool shares some commonalities with Niche scarper and Ecumhunt.

With dropship spy, you can insert the product you find into your Shopify store. It also gives you the option of importing products from Aliexpress, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Dropship spy equally comes with a tool for sourcing out winning products; which can be done according to your preferred niche.

With each winning product you get information about the following;

  • Price and profits of the product
  • You can see details regarding what other dropship spy members think about the product
  • The star rating on the Facebook ad, and an example of a Facebook ad.
  • Product description
    You can view dropshipping suppliers of the product
  • They show you those to target on Facebook
  • They show you price info on eBay and amazon

And lastly, other similar products

There are a few other tools in Dropship spy which are also useful. Such as;

Product Research Tool

Dropship spy offers three product research tools which are:

  • Promising Product Tool: With this tool, you can easily spot products that have good potential to become winning products.
  • Smart Match: This tool offers recommendations on your product based on your favorites and history.
  • Product Spy Tool: This gives you access to products on Aliexpress by simply searching with a keyword.

Download Review Option

You can download reviews from Aliexpress, Walmart, and Amazon, by simply inserting their URLs into this tool.

Store Search Tool

This tool is best used when you know the exact name of the product to search for. With it, you get to see some Shopify stores selling similar or the same product as yours.

There are other tools you can find such as Site scanner tool, Store spy, and Request tool.

Dropship spy also comes with a product marketing tool for Facebook and Instagram such as

Facebook Engagement Calculator

With this tool you can check out people’s feedback on products through ads on Facebook; to know if there are positive or negative comments.

Facebook Audience Builder

This helps you to know the right audience to target on Facebook, especially as a beginner.

Approved Instagram Influencers and Instagram Influencer Search tools are both tools used to market your products on Instagram.

Subscription Plan

Dropship spy currently charges between $18 to $20 per month. They also have a yearly plan with a 3 months’ discount. Using their discount code, you get a 10% discount rate.

Comparison and Contrasts

The first thing you come across when you get into Alishark’s website is the 2-dollar trial. This is good if you are skeptical about making a committed plan. This is quite different from that of Dropship spy—where there is no 2-day trail. Although, when you compare both plans side by side it appears Dropship spy has a cheaper offer than Alishark. This is mostly because of their 10% discount rate and 3 months’ free subscription from their yearly plan.

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But Alishark might prove to give you a better value for your money, due to their incredible filtering option which can help to locate and access a variety of products quickly. The best part is that you can combine all these filtering options to get your desired result.

But one downside of Alishark is that there is No discount code for now.

Alishark is a good tool for beginners who have no experience with Facebook targeting, but they add a few winning products daily. Which is very much fewer than that of Alishark (they can add over 1000 products daily)

If you are in search of products to sell, then Dropship spy might just be your answer. This is because they offer a lot of product samples to their users. Although, the product research tool is a little restricting; especially for drop shippers who might want to find products themselves.

Overall I think these two dropshipping tools are good in their way. But I would stick my neck out for Alishark as a better value for your money.

11 Confirmed Ways To Earn Money Online For Free 2021

11 ways to make money online

If history is anything to go by and which I believe it is, then money-making is inarguably the most difficult among all human endeavors.

Without doubt, all in the bid to make money, lives are wittingly wasted, relationships are put asunder, families are at daggers drawn, trust is betrayed without shame, and lots more gory things are happening with no desire to let off on the pressure to make more money!.

With the advent of online technology, however, money-making has been made to be much fun and peaceful, quite contrary to what has hitherto been the case.

How Can One Make Money Online?

People can now make money and lots of it within the comfort of their homes and without the need to expend unnecessary energy, which they may not even have.

All thanks to online opportunities. How do we avail ourselves to this enviable opportunity of making money without stress and rancor, you may ask? Well, this post aims to walk you through some of these ways of making genuine money online, in a step after step process.

1. Matched Betting

No-risk matched betting can generate you good money when you take advantage of free bets that are offered regularly by betting sites through matching them at a betting exchange.

In this case, you are only required to bet for or against a certain outcome and if your bet turns out successful, you get the value of your bet.

Another interesting aspect, worthy of note here, is the fact that you can make double or more bets between for or against and in which case, no matter what happens, you have prize money to collect.

It’s as simple as that! If you engage many betting sites, for instance, and you are at least successful in quite a few of them, you are likely to make quite a tidy sum. Lucky you.

2. Online Surveys

research and production companies are always recruiting new members worldwide to answer surveys and test whatever new products they have on the market.

It takes you but only a few minutes to fill survey forms and for which you get paid cash rewards. These surveys are nothing more than say questionnaires with questions relating to their products and to which you are required to respond as you deem fit.

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That’s all! Many sites always have these surveys like YouGov, Outpost, Hiving, Swagbucks, Toluna, and so on. Swagbucks is known to specifically reward you for surveys as well as for surfing the net, watching videos, or even playing games, which are things you normally do on your own even without any payment.

Do you realize that in this case you are paid for enjoying yourself! How hilarious indeed.

3. Getting Paid For Searching The Web

The website has taken this online money making to a whole new level because they pay you for simply making searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, or eBay.

Can you imagine! All that it takes is for you to install a simple add-on to your browser and when you search, there may be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search and for which you get paid.

Each Qmee result has a cash reward attached to it, all you got to do is to simply click on it and collect your reward. How incredible!

4. Online Market Trading

It may not necessarily be a simple means of making money online, but sure you can make money by this process as well as any other.

It entails that you invest money in the stock market properly and safely which eventually will yield dividends for you, but there is associated risk of severe losses if you are not careful enough, so be warned.

The popular platform offers free practice accounts meant to teach you how to learn the ropes. In the alternative, you can follow George’s complete guide to trading on eToro to learn more.

5. Starting Your Website

To generate passive income, you need a website. Passive income is the money you make even while you sleep. To start a website with say Bluehost takes less than twenty minutes and costs little or nothing and can be done by even the very elderly.

All it takes is plugging on social media to get your first visitors, after which you monetize your site, and there multiple ways to monetize your site.

You may want more guidance on this and in which case, I refer you to Owen’s step by step guide on how to start a website in twenty minutes.

6. Review Websites And Apps For Cash

All you need here is to browse websites as a paid and fun job. is a new platform that is known to pay people every day to review all kinds of websites and each review takes not more than twenty minutes which pays you through PayPal.

Simply sign up here, complete a test review, and look forward to receiving websites in your inbox.

7.  The Disney Vault Secret

Disney Studios carefully restrict the supply of some specific home release classics by locking them up in a vault for up to a decade before being released for a very short unspecified length of time.

If you buy them now in this window at normal prices, you can make a tidy profit when they go off for sale in another decade or so.

8. Get Paid To Sites

This process is reminiscent of making money online through surveys. Getting Paid To Sites reward you in cash or even vouchers for completing various offers or activities online. Most popular of such sites are Toluna, Swagbucks, and InboxPounds.

9.  Become A Delivery Rider Or Driver

What you need to benefit here is a car, a motorbike, a bicycle, and a smartphone to make deliveries of food or people whenever you got the time to spare.

Simply sign up with delivery specialist companies like Deliveroo who are surely always in need of new riders whenever they have time to spare for the delivery of food from restaurants to their customers’ doors for a fee.

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You can also double your opportunities by directly contacting local takeaways and bigger chains like Dominos to find out whether they have delivery jobs to be had.

10.  Write And Publish A Kindle eBook

Research and write an eBook with say Amazon Kindle Store and make money online. The kindle app is now available on almost every device such as laptops, iPods, smartphones, and kindles themselves which makes your market even much bigger.

The way to success here is by creating value and writing non-fiction. You can simply load information that you have researched and compiled on a general problem like say on the secrets to finding a job and presenting it in an easy to digest format and you are good to go.

The good thing about this is that once successful, it can earn you passive income for many years to come. To get a step by step guide on how to publish and earn with eBooks, check ‘How to write a nonfiction eBook in twenty-one days’.

Also, encourage readers to give an honest review at the end of your book which will show up in higher results.

11. Start Dropshipping Business

You can start a dropshipping business with little capital. Dropshipping is one of the best businesses to start from in the New Era of Internet Business. I started with a one product niche, I usually drop-ship items like toys, clothes, and pets. And I have to build my business from $0 to $10, 000 monthly.

We have discussed, in great depth, how to make money online for free and it is hoped that this will contribute to dousing the euphoria that generating money is a make or mar affair like we believed before when it isn’t.

Put this wealth of information to good use and you will be glad you did.

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt Review 2021 [Best Tool] 

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt Review 2021

Advancements in technology and the internet have made Drop shipping a profitable e-commerce venture to engage in. The online trading world is proliferated with different items that can be traded.

As a Drop shipper, how do you reduce the burden of knowing which products to sell to maximize profit, monitor market trends, target the proper audience, or get the best winning products? well, you need not worry too much because this article would be reviewing two of the best drop shopping tools.

They both share several similarities as their primary prerogative is to fish out winning products. At the end of this article, there would be a quick comparison of the two Dropshipping tools. This could help you know which is more suitable for your products or business.

Below is a rundown of what both tools can offer you—as a potential user.

Niche Scraper Review

Niche scraper is an e-commerce tool that can be used by drop shippers to source out winning products, by proffering trading evaluations on items within the e-commerce world. This helps Drop shippers know the best items that are likely to become successful sales. It also gives you access to items on Aliexpress and Shopify.

Niche scraper is set up to offer these main services:

  • Pick-out Winning Products
  • Store Analysis
  • Video Marker

Pick-out Winning products

As earlier mentioned, this is one of the foremost service offered by niche scraper. It helps users spot Winning products that could increase their chances of successful sales. It also offers daily updates about the best product for your store. With less hassle these products can be added to your Shopify store (if you have one), to enable you to display and sell directly to your customers.

It offers other necessary information such as;

  • Product cost
  • Product description
  • The rate at which products are ordered
  • The kind of audience to target social media
  • The function of the product, and information about the supplier

Store Analysis

This feature helps you closely observe and monitor the progress of products on different Shopify stores. By browsing using keywords from specific products, their importance, or their popularity in stores, you can obtain access to information such as:

  • Popularity of products
  • Price estimates
  • Information about product traffic, as well as other necessary information about the products to enable your successful entry into the market.

Video Marker

This is an incredible tool that enables you to use images to create videos for advertising your products. You have the option of using the existing video—which is obtained from being a member, but you can equally create yours if you think it is insufficient.

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You can do this by simply pasting the URL of the product image on the video maker software. In a short while, it would create a thrilling video for your product.

Niche Scraper Plans

Niche scraper offers three plans which are:

  • Free plan

Users of this plan would have to endure 3 days’ delay in having access to winning products in Niche scraper. This also comes with other inconveniences such as restricted functions and access to the best products within the tool.

  • Pro Membership plan

Under this plan, you have unrestricted access to all the functions and best winning products. Its price ranges from about $35 to $39 monthly. It also gives you unrestricted access to create different video advertisements for as many products as possible.

  • Annual Pro membership plan

This plan is virtually the same as the Pro membership plan. But as the name implies, it’s a yearly subscription plan which offers you the staggering benefit of getting an astounding 60% discount.

In capping up the review on niche scraper, it is important for us to briefly examine its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It allows payment using most payment platforms such as debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.
  • It offers a reasonably cheap plan, with its 60% discount gotten from the annual pro membership plan.
  • Its user interface can be easily navigated; which is especially good for beginners.
  • You can easily create thrilling video advertisements by using product images.
  • It examines the best-selling products on other stores and provides you with their ratings, and how best market them.


  • Its pricing can be a little too much for individuals with low budgets
  • Payment with a debit card can be challenging.

With that, we move to:

EcumHunt Review

Ecumhunt is an excellent tool for finding out the best product for your store. It offers the necessary information on everything you need to know about the product.

It keeps tabs on big names in the e-commerce industry such as Aliexpress, as well as social media handles.

Similar to Niches scraper it arms you with necessary information about winning products.

Ecumhunt comes with certain features; which we shall touch briefly before comparing it with Niche scraper.

First is its:


Similar to Niche scraper, Ecumhunt’s interface is quite easy to navigate. In Ecumhunt you are saved the stress of assessing products yourself, for it sends daily information about winning products to your selected store. All products come with their Facebook targets, video advertisement copy, other necessary information, as well as connections to suppliers.

You can also get the price of products as gotten from its seller and your possible profit. You can as well transfer these products to your Shopify account (if you have one).

Facebook Ads

Ecumhunt gives access to Facebook ads to enable you to attract the right audience to your store. It equally offers free mouth-watering product videos to use in your store. Also, as a beginner, you can get access to free tutorials on Facebook targeting to enable you to find your way around the system.

Product Analysis

This helps you know the degree of profit you stand to make by enhancing your ad campaign to know how best to market your product.

You can get information about the location of the product, reviews, ratings, and other benefits.

AdHunter Chrome Extension

This is a mouth-watering feature that gives you catered access to important Facebook Ads for marketing your products.

It equally shows you sponsored ads and their duration.

The possibility of enjoying this feature is enhanced when you become an active member.

Internet seminars, Videos, and Tutorials

This is especially helpful to beginners of the dropshipping business. Here you are exposed to the basics of the business and how to grow. Although it is limited to pro members.

Online connections to Winning products

As mentioned earlier Ecumhunt offers you links to winning products as well as a variety of best products to choose from.

  • Ecumhunt Membership Plans

Contrary to niche scraper it comes with two functional plans; the free membership and the pro membership plan. The former gives a restriction on products for 3 days.

And also come with several constraints and restrictions. Therefore, to maximize your experience you would need to upgrade to the pro version. The pro membership plan costs about $29, but a discounted rate you can get it for $20.

Before we compare and contrast both tools, we would briefly touch the advantages and disadvantages of using Ecumhunt.


• You get a detailed assessment of the best-selling products in other stores and their ratings. • You have access to amazing video ads • It helps you know how best to reach your target audience. • It comes with an easy to use interface with videos and tutorial options.


  • No annual plans
  • It has restrained payment options.
  • It does not specify the product niche.

Comparison between both of them

In all fairness these two drop shopping tools are great. They offer a lot of services at a moderately affordable price.

The interesting feature of niche scraper is that it gives you the leverage and opportunity to create videos brandishing your products. But with Ecumhunt you get videos containing product description.

While users can enjoy the free and pro mode plans they both have, I think Niche scraper slightly edges it with their annual plan offer. With the 60% discount rate, you enjoy a fat gain when compared to the usual monthly plan. Although, Ecumhunt monthly plan is cheaper (you can also choose to maximize your gain through this means).

Amidst their similarity, a few other subtle differences exist. This is derived from the experience of actively using both.

These two platforms boast of features that make Dropshipping less challenging than it could have been. You can examine which of them is more closely suited for the kind of products you deal with and the direction you might want to take to aid the growth of your Dropshipping business. However, the best way to know which suits you better is to try them both.

Whichever one you choose; you can be sure to get good value for it.

A Complete Guide: How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

Instagram shoutouts are the most effective promising means to promote an online business to its targeted audience. It is very simple and promising tools you can use to gain Loyal customer.

Over the year, I have used Instagram shoutouts to promote my online store and still getting great results! In this article, I will show you how to do shoutouts on Instagram, I will teach you how to effectively use this promotional strategy on Instagram to get new followers.

There are many other ways you can use to promote your dropshipping store online. But based on my experience, the most efficient, simple and promising ones, as we all know, are social networks most especially on Instagram platform.

In accordance with the Independent researcher in America, Instagram promotion, get its member interested and engaged in a somehow much greater degree than any other social platform such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Instagram allows you to place paid advertisements in blog Stories and Feeds. For this type of promotion, you can decide to select a really small section and then choose your target audience.

It is very possible to use the personal interests of people as the basis for the partition. In addition, you can add an active button under such advertisement, when the user clicks on the button, it will redirect him/her to your eCommerce store. For targeting, data collected from Facebook accounts are used to display ads only to the concerned users. Though, like the majority of ads, sponsored ads on Instagram annoy users because they are shown forcefully.

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One bad side of paid ads is that most time users ignore them and keep scrolling down without reading them. As a result, you might lose potential customers.

Other ways of direct advertising is Instagram shoutouts. These are paid posts in well-known bloggers’ accounts that in some way related to your store niche They do not look like ads at all, that’s why users strongly like them, make reposts and leave comments. Your account becomes more popular, increase in turnover, and users start to trust your store.

For each store, we order 2-4 shoutouts per day getting 8-10 orders from each. The math is simple here – you spend, for instance, $19 and get $240 of the net profit.

For these reasons, Instagram shoutouts are a cool advertisement tool to promote your dropshipping store. Be prepared, In this article, I’m going to show you how to use Instagram shoutout the easier way.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram?

1. Check if your niche is good for Instagram promotion

2. An Instagram account is need for your store, so create one

3. Select products to promote

4. Look for nice a Instagram account for shoutout placement

5. Order for a Shoutout

6. Write a good detailed info for this IG shoutout

7. Duplicate it in your store’s Instagram page.

8. Analyze the results.

Now, is time for us to take a good look at each step. As for this case study, we will choose Smartwatch for our dropshipping store.

Step 1. Is your choosen niche suitable for Instagram shoutout?

This we already know that Instagram is a good place to promote products, but getting more better results is what we wish for you. That is why you need to pay more attention to my following steps.

First, you need to decide if your chosen niche is suitable for advertisement on Instagram or not. Secondly, try to figure out what is your target audience. What’s their age bracket? Are these people using the Instagram platform? What does this set of people have interests in? Are they ready to order anything they find on Instagram? If after answering the above questions you understand that Instagram is a good platform for you to promote your store, don’t hesitate to start advertising there.

Instagram is not for everyone and they are more other social media platform you can also use to experiment with.

Instagram shoutouts are both cheap and good ways to attract loyal customer to your store.

Step 2. Create your store’s account on Instagram

To create an account that is engaging and catchy to your audience, start with writing an appealing bio Including details of your business.

Making use entertaining contents to fill up your account and ensure it is related to your store niche which includes photos, quotes, humour or something that is in your product niche Or you can use a picture of your hot selling product. Put hashtags that draw the attention of your prospective buyers, in addition, add copies of call-to-actions (CTAs) to the picture.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

In addition, use promotional content that reflects your store product range. Such a posts contain a title, product picture, price and a CTA ( “learn more” “check out site” “tag a friend” etc). May as well write about your worldwide free delivery service if you are offering such, or May be buy 2 get one free offer, your guarantees and finally payment service providers.

Using social rabbit you can easily fill your Instagram page with both Good, entertainment and promotional contents.

Step 3. Pick Products or a category to promote on Instagram

To choose items to promote we make a little research – Our aim is to search and analyze products that our audience could be interested in. For this purpose, we use AliExpress, eBay and Pinterest in our mission to get more in-depth information.

First and foremost, I checked how often these products were ordered on the AliExpress platform. For example, we want to set up an ad about phone cases of a cat photo. We make a search on “cat phone case”, choose “Orders” filter and voila here we have the best-selling phone cases with cats.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

It is equally important to go through customers’ reviews on AliExpress and check-out for the seller’s rating. More positive reviews are a sign of a high-quality product and also how reliable the supplier is.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

Always Keep an eye on delivery time as well. Try to pick products with fast delivery time since it will help you avoid refunds and complaints.

Now, heading to Pinterest. we will look for the most popular pins with cat phone cases on Pinterest.

On eBay we make a search request “cat phone case” and check out which ones were bought most often.


Having figured out what item is much more popular on AliExpress, Pinterest and Ebay

Find out if you have one in your store. If you haven’t, add it there and set up a perfect product page that would be very charming to customers.


If you wish to promote not a single product but a whole category, inspect the group of products on this theme.

Instagram shout

The procedure started above is great for the launch. Nevertheless, you can choose an alternative one – searching not for best-sellers but for a new item.

You do a search request “phone cat case” and choose “Newest” as a filter. Shown products in the list are not wildly popular and, on some occasions, they were never yet bought… But the main point is a seller’s high rating.

However, you can add a new item from low-rating seller – bear in mind that there’s a possibility he can let you down in the future.

To find out what items you should probably advertise, analyze items that are gaining popularity on Instagram or Pinterest. This procedure takes much time than the previous one but it can work best of all.

All bestsellers at our sites were found upon the use of this two procedure.

Step 4. How to find Instagram accounts for placing shoutouts

Now that you have picked a product or a category to promote. It is time to select and look for bloggers’ Instagram accounts to place your ads.

If you want to promote a cat phone case, you have to understand if these blogger posts are engaging for your targeted market. Try and figure out what type of Instagram accounts your prospective buyers follow, make a list of their interests for future use.

For instance, the phone case with kittens we have picked can be promoted to younger women who love cute things, cats and kawaii style. So, we can find accounts using the words “cute”, “Kawai” or “cats”.
Enter these words one after the other in the Instagram search box.

Doing little research on cats, cute and kawaii, we got lots of accounts connected that. So, we need to check each one of them – it really won’t take a lot of time.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

General info about profile

First and foremost, You should check the language of an account before making your choice. If your website was for English speakers and that means ads must be in English because there is no point in placing ads in an account that isn’t in English.

Instagram shoutout

2. Number and quality of followers

Select accounts with more Instagram followers like 100,000 followers.

You may find lots of million-plus accounts with large followers, but a large number doesn’t mean that you will benefit much from placing your shoutouts there. Note that the more the followers an account has the more money they might demand for ads.

For example, we went searched for shoutout Instagram accounts to promote kitchen utensils and I found one million-plus follower account that fixed a $250 price for a shoutout. So, I understood that even though we pay this kind of money for an ad, it won’t pay off and which means I’m losing money.

If you are just starting to use Instagram shoutouts, I highly recommend you to select accounts with 100,000-500,000 followers. After some time, you can start looking for smaller accounts. Most times the ones with 50,000 real followers can generate even more profit.

When you start to analyze accounts with more followers, do not neglect their followers quality. Watch out for number accounts of people who leave comments. If there are no posts and it has a strange username like “Lopymolly432”, it is more probably that the blog owner bought comments so that he or she can increase engagement and, therefore, get more profit from his ads.

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3. Number of promotional posts and Content Quality

First, go through blogger account. Ask this question to yourself, Does this account resonate with your store? Is it suitable for promoting the product you have picked? Evaluate how many promotional products are placed there, what’s the blog niche. If a blogger publishes lots of different ads about absolutely different products – he definitely does not care about his content quality but thinks only about money. Accounts cluttered with ads are not appealing to customers at all.

4. Quality of engagement

Engagement on Instagram means users reacting to post contents either by commenting on post or Liking or sharing a post. So, it is important to check to what degree the account you have picked is interesting for its readers.

Have a look at different posts in the account, take note of the percentage of the followers who react to each post. Define the percentage of likes against the number of followers the account has– it should be more than 12%.

If an Instagram account has 120k followers with a range of 100 – 200 likes for each post – there’s a high chance that this account isn’t fascinating for her users or maybe the owner used the mass following bot tool.

Instagram Shoutout

It is important to note that, due to Instagram Smart Feed, users see photos only from accounts they always interact with –comment, read, like. So, a user does not see content he or she isn’t interested in.

Although, the number of likes on Instagram really can’t be the most important basic characteristic when you try to evaluate some account effectiveness or explore Instagram as a promotional tool. But why? Actually, because we can never be sure what part of the content motivated a user to double click.

Comments, on the other hand, are a more trustworthy characteristic. It takes a good amount of time to post a comment, so, if users do it, we can then say they are really engaged.

Each time you look for an account for a shoutout, evaluate it by these 4 criteria. It will take only some minutes but will eventually brings a great results. If you find an account that is artificially big or “dead” – don’t order a shoutout from them but do that on other active and engaged accounts.

Step 5. Order an Instagram shoutout in some blogger’s account

So now that you have seen a well-trusted account to advertise your product… But, next, is to know how to ask for a shoutout on Instagram?

Indeed, it’s simple. Just write a message to the owner of the account using Direct Messages section. Inquire if they make IG shoutouts, and suggest contacting you.

We write such a text:
Hello! My name is Mark. Your account is really great! Are you interested in paid shoutouts? If yes, could you, please, let me know your prices so we could discuss in details? I can do the shoutouts for you in my account as well. Thanks in advance for your reply!

Besides, you can send him or her an e-mail if their email address is attached in the bio. Most times I message the blogger both on his email address or Instagram DM – in that case, you are increasing the chance to get a reply.

Also note, not all bloggers will agree to place shoutouts on their page, some of them might not answer your messages. The rule is; The more you write to bloggers, the higher the chances find someone to work with.

Which Instagram shoutout details should you discuss?

1. Instagram shoutout price

Instagram shoutout prices depend on a niche and may range from $10 to $50 for every 100,000 followers. In some cases, a blogger charges up – do not hesitate to negotiate the price and offer your terms. If a price seems too high, try to look for another account with a better price.

If your store already has a large audience of active buyers, you might try SFS (shoutout for shoutout) Instagram posts. Offer this collaboration strategy to a blogger: as a rule, it works well for new bloggers seeking for rapid growth. Also, you can try exchanging SFS posts on Instagram with any of your product: choose the ones that work in related niches, and make your offer.

2. Placement format

It is good to discuss what info a blogger should post for you. A standard criterion is a product image, a caption and a link to a product or some category pointing to your store.

Remember to talk in such a way the blogger will receive all your info – via email or Direct Messages.

  • Image
  • Payment

After you have done discussing the price and a placement format, next is to ask the blogger about his preferred method of receiving payment. We usually accept to pay through PayPal – it’s the most convenient and safer method for us!

If a blogger has an account on PayPal, we ask to send us their email address. But Incase, they don’t have one, we recommend our product as payment they often agree. But you can discuss with your bloggers any method of payment convenient for you.

Instagram shoutout

3. My Payment

Most of the times, we pay for a shoutout right before its placement and then discuss payment time with the blogger in advance.

Make sure you use PayPal for any monetary transaction on Instagram for shoutouts. The advantage of using PayPal methd for payment is that you can always make a refund if a blogger turns out to be fraud.

Instagram shoutout

4. Duration of your IG shoutout

Normally, a shoutout period is 24 hours, but you can request for only 12 hours with a discount.

5. Day of week

As a matter of fact, we buy Instagram shoutouts every day. Meanwhile, the best days for shoutout are on Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday. These are mostly the days when people buy things online more actively

TIP: Bloggers themselves can share some helpful analytics about their account as Instagram gives the opportunity to analyse followers. So, always ask bloggers to send you the statistics on the account – you will see his followers’ geographic location, peak activity time, gender and sex. Use this data to analyze the blogger if he or she is suitable for the Job.

Instagram shoutout

Insagram shoutout

6. Blogger’s timezone

It’s advisable to place shoutouts at when blogger’s followers are at the peak of activity. Shoutout period should cover only at the time when your audience is at the peak of activity, too, and is ready to buy your product.

For example, if you want to attract buyers from the USA, there’s no point in placing a shoutout at 8 am on Monday morning. The best time, in this case, would be from 11:59 pm to 11:59 am EST.

Instagram shoutout

It is very important to look out for which country or in what time zone the blogger resides. We always stay in tune with their time zone and this helps them not to do mistakes when placing and creating a shoutouts for us.

TIP: Always be polite to avoid conflicts. We have been working with many of bloggers for a good number of time, and, most times things go wrong during communication from time to time, but we always try to quickly find a solution and to maintain a good relationship. Such an approach will result in have more bloggers to collaborate with for a long time.

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Complete Guide on How to start Dropshipping in Nigeria

Complete Guide on How to start Dropshipping in Nigeria

In this article, you will find the complete guide on how to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria. Dropshipping can be done from the comfort of your home.

Starting dropshipping from Nigeria is a great Idea if only, you have the knowledge to do it the right way. However, why I tagged this article as ( Complete guide on how to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria) is because I am sharing my experience/ideas from my Nigerian point of view. How I’m able to succeed in Dropshipping here in Nigeria.

Dropshipping business mones

Starting a business in Nigeria like dropshipping business means you have to think of many things like:

  1. The payment processor for your business.
  2. Mentor
  3. Capital
  4. How to deal with supplier
  5. How to have your products shipped quickly.
  6. What idea of products should I dropship? In case, you are thinking of going global, then you should be aware of tax or company registration for each country.

Also, you should be aware of import tax In case you’re dropshipping in Nigeria.

And all these are the reasons I tag the title of this article (Complete guide on how to dropship in Nigeria), because of some rules and regulations and economy uniqueness protecting e-commerce business in the country.

So you have to get your seat and enjoy the roller-coaster as I take you down in the best possible means I can.

If you are yet to enroll into my Dropshipping Masterclass, kindly do, to get started with your Dropshipping business and also you will have access to join over 1000 drop shppers in our Telegram community where we answer questions, help each other and make money together.

What is dropshipping & how does it work In Nigeria?

For easier understanding, Dropshipping is when you sell a product without buying or having them.

Here is how it works, you first create an online store, after you have created an online store and added different demanding product to it. What I mean here is putting pictures and description of the product. The pictures and description can be taken from online eg AliExpress.

Note, you don’t need to see or have the physical product in stock before making any sales. So, once you made your sales, all you have to do is contact your supplier (the real owner of the product) by sending your customer address and then you pay the supplier from the initial money paid to you by your buyer(the customer).

How can I start dropshipping

The third-party supplier, in turn, makes the shipment to your buyer(the customer). While you and your buyer(the customer. home happy.

It looks simple right hmmm. No, but we can help you start your Dropshipping business and you will start earning in 14 days contact Us.

However, if you will be using AliExpress to source for products, you do not need to contact the seller(supplier). Simply, All you need to do is go pay for the products and then fill your customers’ details(eg home address, phone number, etc) on AliExpress as the buyer.

The seller on AliExpress will then packaged the product, processed and shipped to your customer without them knowing it’s coming from AliExpress.

How to start dropshipping in Nigeria

5 Simple steps on how to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria?

Before I start, I will like to answer some frequent questions commonly asked by New drop shipper in Nigeria.

  • How much you can earn by dropshipping? Dropshipping allows you to make more profit from selling a single product. You can decide to buy a product with shipping cost included at no more than $10/pc, and sell them for $28 or $48. which is 60% profit margin, right? Sell the same product 5 times a day, you will be making profits of over $100/day. $3000/month (1million naira).

  • How long it takes for the shipping? If you’re shipping from USA to USA, It takes 2-7 days. USA to another country takes 4-11 days. China to the USA takes 7-25. China to countries takes 7-25.

  • Can I make my products at my branding? Yes. Many Sellers provide you with branding service as soon as you’ve reached the minimum purchasing quantity.

  • Do I need to pay any tax dropshipping with AliExpress in Nigeria? The answer is NO! Paying of Tax are for only USA residents.

  • How much money do I need to start dropshipping? To start dropshipping you need a minimum capital of $50 – $500. Depending on your level of experience.

Next, we will look into steps on how to start a successful dropshipping business in Nigeria.

  • Choose a Product to Sell
  • Find a Trusted/Reliable Supplier
  • Setup your store
  • Market your product.
  • Start making money.

Step 1: Choose a Product to Sell

Choosing the right product to sell is the first step to take in starting a successful dropshipping business in Nigeria. Many people make the mistake of selling anything they can think of. You should always know that dropshipping is a business, not a gamble.

And like every other business, you need to do deep business research and then pick a strategy on how to be profitable in the business. One of the ways you can do this is by searching for hot in-demand products to sell.

Another thing you should know while choosing your winning product is that you can’t just start selling any product. Try as much as possible to check the demand over-time for such products through the use of AliExpress Dropshipping Center and Google Trend. (Link)

Validating my Niche on Google Trend
Validating my Niche on Google Trend

The daily demand for most products must be relatively on the high side or at least very stable and the competition for it should below.

It’s not necessary to have tons of products on your website to be successful in this dropshipping business. Your emphasis should be on hot products around a particular niche.

Having a niche store is always good because it will allow you to easily Up-sell or cross-sell customers with similar products.

When I mean niche, what I simply mean, is having your store around particular kinds of products. An example of a niche store is a store around kitchen utensils.

Step 2: Find a Reliable Supplier

The place of good suppliers cannot be overemphasized in this business, because they are the owners of the products you are about to selling. So, it is safe to say the quality of your supplier determines the success of your business. Trust me without a good supplier there won’t be a product for you to dropship. So you most as well take them seriously.

The best ways to spot reliable supplier on AliExpress is by checking customer comments and seller rate. Don’t go for a seller below a 90% score.

AliExpress is this the best place for anyone interested in doing dropshipping business from Nigeria. Except you have a good manufacturer or seller in Nigeria or elsewhere that’s willing to partner with you.

In this case, all you will have to do is promote their products and send orders to them when you receive an order, and they will be the one to manage the logistic within or outside Nigeria.

Other than that, AliExpress is your best option for any drop shipper in Nigeria!

Products on AliExpress are very cheap giving you profit scalability on your business. The system is there to product you In case your didn’t deliver your product as promised. and note over 80% of drop shipper use AliExpress for there Dropshipping business so this might be your best choice in Nigeria.

Also, using AliExpress also comes with its own problem! Which is the Duration of delivery of goods? The shipping time on AliExpress is long due to 99% of sellers are based in China.

This brings us to one important question; will your buyer (customer) be able to pay before he/she receives their products in Nigeria? Or will they be able to wait over a long period of time (over 14 days) before they receive their package, will begin to pop up in your mind?

Then you will start to wonder if all hope is gone for dropshipping in Nigeria?
No! You can still sell to global markets or delve into Mini importation business.

Step 3: Choose a selling platform

Choose a selling platform is really very important because it determines how your store is going to look to your buyers. Is the interface between You and your Customers. So, I’m going to show you the two platforms for building your store. They include:

  1. WordPress and
  2. Shopify

WordPress –
Building your store using WordPress you will need a domain name and a web hosting account to host your store.

Your web host is where your data is saved online. This is similar to a house for your web store while the domain name is like an address to get that house.

After your domain name and your web hosting account are ready, Next stage is to install e-commerce software (WooCommece plugin) on your website after you must have installed WordPress from your Cpanel.

All this can be done through one-click installation. And you have done with your installation, you can start tweaking the website to your taste.

(We help you build a brand new, professional-looking eCommerce store with products imported, FULLY PREPARED for marketing).

No coding is involved, you can literally create your dropshipping website yourself and this is nothing you can’t do.

Here is the most essential part, after everything is set up, you then need to get a Dropshipping Plugin eg (AliDropship). Without a plugin, you can’t run your dropshipping business effectively.

Better still, if you can’t create the website store yourself, or you don’t have enough time probably because of your work, you can easily hire us to do that for you. We will Build and Deliver your store with 4 days of your initial Payment. Finally, when you join our masterclass, we will help you to convert your new store into profit. (Link)

Check out our Portfolio

We will perfectly customize drop shipping store to your test with hots in-demand products added to it, that are ready to start selling. No work will be required from your side when you hire us to build a custom dropshipping store.

Shopify –
Shopify is a self-hosted platform and a website builder that allows you to easily build a website under a few hours. You can create a store in less than 30 -45 minutes and start selling any kinds of products you want from it.

This platform is mostly used by many drop shipper because it easily allows you to build a store even if you don’t know anything on website design. But the problem with this platform is that it’s costly to manage.

The good thing is they offer a 14days free trial. You can build your store in a just day and start marketing immediately. You can check out my case study on how I use this platform to earn over $10,000 in my first month (link)
With this, it’s very possible to start making profits within the 14days and pay up your subscription even before the free trial ends.

But there is not a guarantee that, this will work for everyone!

I will recommend WordPress for those with low budget over Shopify as WordPress is less costly to manage relatively easy compared to WordPress but more expensive.

Step 4: Market your business

Obviously, without marketing, nobody is going to visit your store because nobody knows if your store exist. Is only when you show the world that your store. That when they will consider buying from you. You can’t just sit down and expect buyers to come and buy from your store.

You must take it to them. The best and cheapest place to market your product is through Facebook, Instagram and Google.
You can start by creating your Facebook fan page using your domain name as your page name and then create a Facebook business account to run your Facebook ads.

When running your Facebook advert choose one of your cheapest products to drive traffic to store. Or you can hire us to manage your ad account. We can help you convert every penny you spent into profit.

Finally, make sure you collect emails upon sign-ups and send marketing emails on new products or discount offers on existing products is will help to convert visitors into buyer.

You can as well check them out Instagram ads and Instagram influencers and this is another cheapest method to reaching your potential customer.

Step 5: Start making money
You need a plugin specifically designed for dropshipping eg “The Alidropship plugin” These plugins help you to automatically import product and it’s descriptions, product photos, price, review etc from AliExpress to your store.

This can be done with just a click and when a product is sold on your store, it automatically alerts you, supplier, by sending the customer details to your AliExpress supplier. The one thing left for you to do is to pay the seller (supplier).

After that, the supplier will then ships the product to your customer address without questions asked and your customer won’t know the product is from a third party.

Dropshipping has proven to be a perfect residual stream of income when done the right way and by following the proper channel.

So learning how to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria is not enough, you need to implement what you’ve learned.
The Issue of Payment Gateway

The payment processing gateway is still the greatest stromboli blocks to several online businesses in Nigeria. However, in the case of dropshipping, there are few ways to solve this problem and they include:

  1. Stripe
  2. PayPal and
  3. Paystack
  4. Rave

Stripe – Right now, is the most widely used payment process gateway in the world even better than PayPal because of its easy integration which makes it easy to receive payment on your web store from any part of the world.

How to open a stripe account

Right now, it does not work in Nigeria. And to legally use it, you will need to register your business in the USA. I have written a complete guide on how to register your business to use Stripe. check it out! (Link)

PayPal – is one of the most popular payment gateways but unfortunately, it also doesn’t allow Nigerians to accept payment. However, there has been a way around that.

I have written a complete guide on how to set up a PayPal that receives and send payment in Nigeria. Check it out! (link)

How to Open Paypal in Nigeria

Alternatively, you can use…

Paystack – Is Nigerian payment processing company, so by default it accepts payment in Nigeria. But if you want to receive payment internationally (USD), you need to create an account with paystack and also make sure you have a domiciliary account with Gtbank or Zenith, a registered business with CAC.

When all this are ready, you can then send them a request for receiving international payment. If things goes well, you will start receiving payments in 24 hours.

If you enjoyed this article, let us know what you think in the comment box and do well to share this with family and friends.

That’s it on complete guide on how to start dropshipping business in Nigeria.

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