Shopify Booster Theme Review 2020 [Does It Worth It?]

Shopify Booster Theme Review 2020

Booster theme is a Shopify template that allows you to set a Shopify store with a few products.

Booster theme Overview

This theme allows you to set up sales funnels with better conversions.

For a product you wish to buy, booster theme help to integrate an add-on upsell for that product. For example, if you wish to purchase a PlayStation 4(PS4) console, the booster theme would offer corresponding gamepads as an upsell before redirecting you to check out for Spotify. This is similar to what you see on Amazon and it is a good way to boost your sales.

Optimization For Mobile

With mobile usage constantly rising, the first factor is that the booster theme is mobile optimized and shows both the image and add to chart buttons above the fold on either your laptop or smartphone. This is the most important factor in the booster review.

Popups Notifications

The booster theme comes with a fake plugin option that shows sales on your website which do not exist. This option is to present consumer confidence in your store and although fake, most people would not know. It is entirely up to you if you want to use this option or not.

Direct To Checkout

Skipping the cart page and taking visitors straight to the last page, a lot of marketers have testified by this tactic and say that it boosts sales. This is a very good feature as the fewer steps you take, the easier it is to buy.

Countdown Timer

This tool helps to increase orders due to scarcity. The countdown timer is fake although most people do not know this and it helps to attract buyers that might think it is legit. You can turn on or turn off this feature anytime.

Cross-Sell Pop Up

Anytime someone attempts to checkout on a product, you can include a pop-up that cross-sells them relevant products or an accompanying product.

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For example, a PlayStation console and a PlayStation pad. Looking at Amazon, they also have a similar strategy with displaying related or in some cases accompanying products.

Visitor Counter

Another fake tactic that shows a fake number of people that have viewed a particular product, making it seem more popular than it is. Tho it might work for some products but I would not recommend this feature because not everyone likes competing.

Currency Converter

This feature is nice because it aides transactions better. Supposing you are a US-based citizen and you are selling your products in dollars, while your customer is in Japan. Booster theme would allow your customer to see the price in their currency(Japanese yen) which is less confusing and less stressful. I strongly recommend this feature.

Free Plus Shipping

This feature makes you put up a free offer for your customers and you can redirect them to an add-on page. It has full customization and less stressful to set up.

Product Review

This feature allows you to Integrate the Shopify product review all with booster theme bearing in mind that this is a third party app so if there are issues, support would be a problem.

Email Discounts

This feature is widely used if you are trying to build up your email list. An email pop up is displayed to collect email addresses in return for a discount offer. You can customize it; that is to pop up probably when someone is about to leave the website or when someone just logged in after some seconds to the website. You can set any discount you want depending on the product you are selling.

Installing Booster Theme

Installing version two(2) of the booster theme is very simple and easy. In most cases, it takes less than five (5) minutes to install and you can create your stock within another forty(40) minutes of installation. In case you are having a hard time installing the booster theme, support is done through the zen desk. All other related issues are also done through the zen desk.

Booster Theme Issues

Having read all about the advantages of booster theme, well it also has it’s own downside issues. The first issue is about the update, you have to download and install the theme again over the top due to Shopify’s interface when you want to update a theme.

Another issue with the booster theme is the cost of these features. I mean why pay $179 for one or two plugins when most of these features can be added for free through the Shopify app store.

Lastly, because the theme is popular and you don’t want it looking like your competitor’s, you would want to customize it as much as possible. Eventually, customers would start to notice that these stores are all fake. That is fake visitors, fake scarcity tactics, and fake countdown timer.

When I tried the theme, I did see an increase in conversion rate. It boosted my sales by 15%, you can try it also and you might have a higher conversation rate than I did.

Shopify Themes [All You Need To Know About Shopify Templates]

Shopify Theme [all You Need To Know About Shopify Templates]

If you’re interested in Shopify or drop shipping you must have heard the name Shopify themes. Shopify themes- these themes are templates retailers use on their Shopify Stored.

Shopify offers numerous themes to its users which leads to the question which is the best.

That’s a question no single can answer since everybody has their preference and due to the numerous themes available, you might not know that others with different features exist, one of the many Shopify themes is the Debutify theme which I will be reviewing.

Starting a Shopify store for the first time can be a stressful experience, also not knowing what theme to use and it’s worst if you don’t understand all the Shopify tips and tricks that help you create a better store.

Getting the right Shopify theme is very important to drop shipping your theme must be fast, reliable and mobile-friendly choosing the right templates is important to your store, other than being easy to navigate users should be able to browse through your store, which is something Debutify considers when creating it users theme, it creates the theme in such a way that your customers can navigate through it without any technical know-how.

With Debutify creating a Shopify store is as easy as clicking on various templates and designs you like.

It requires no coding, website design, or any special IT skills.

With Debutify you can lunch your Shopify stores with just a few. It has a Visual editor that helps you customize your store as much as you want and everything required is already built-in.

With Debutify customers can order from all over the world or sell from almost anywhere in the world with over 20+ Translated Languages, customers/retailers worldwide can easily use the theme without having anybody to translate or any apps to translate for them, With this feature, you can increase your Shopify store earning by retailing globally.

This Shopify theme has a lot of apps or add-on that helps boost sales, they are extremely important and useful, like the Trust badge

It displays a trust badge under the add-to-cart checkout buttons.

Like many other Shopify themes, Debutify makes use of Cart countdown this feature is very important in all E-commerce as it helps boost sales by increasing urgency to make customers want to buy immediately instead of waiting with fear that the product might be sold out when the time runs out.

These features were set to make sure customers don’t just view products and leave they grow interested instead and order the said product.

The Sales Pop is another important feature that helps boost sales, it shows the customers the number of sales you made by selling a particular product or products and like Cart countdown it

boost sales by increasing customer’s interest In that particular product by also creating an urgency to make customers other the product immediately.

Another great thing about Sales pop is that it makes your product look like it’s in-demand

You don’t have to be a professional to use the Debutify theme plus it has 6 Full pro-E-commerce courses you can easily learn from.

Like many other Shopify themes Debutify updates it’s stored monthly, unlike most these updates ate done automatically and for free, most other Shopify themes requires it, users, to pay monthly fees for updates but Debutify helps reduce cost by helping it users reduce the amount of money they spend that it won’t affect their monthly income.

Debutify theme uses Add-on it is a feature that can be added to your store.

These Add-on are like the basic Shopify Apps these apps are like plugins with various features and functions all set to increase flexibility and sales.

The Add-on doesn’t affect page load speed and it automatically matches your theme style and settings.

Shopify stores always come with different features and functions but one of the most important features is the speed of your store, the speed is the very important cause if a store is too slow even the customers will lose interest while searching for a particular product or even get tired of browsing through your store, having to wait for every page to load can be extremely stressful if it’s slow.

Imagine searching for a particular product in a site with hundreds of page with no search filters going through all the products one by one imagine how stressful it will be if you’re using a slow site, how long it will take for each page to load and how long it will take you to find your desired product.

That is where speed comes in with a fast responsive site one can easily browse through your store without taking too long, you can easily get your desired product in no time.

Speed is something Debutify considered when creating it stores the Shopify theme has a fast load time loading page fast even with all apps turned on.

Debutify, unlike most Shopify themes, gives customers approximate delivering time it is also extremely important because it gives customers an idea of when to except the product they ordered for, it proves how reliable your site is and how fast your store responds to others it is also important.

Debutify also shows its customers Discount Saved it shows the discount amount on the product page to show the difference between the original price and the discount amount,

It has a chat box that allows customers to message you the chat box is linked to your messaging platform.

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It makes it easy for customers to contact you in case of any problem or any dissatisfaction, it can help you rectify any problem fast and customers can also use it to demand a particular product they can’t find on your page.

It also hides unavailable and sold out variant options

It displays the number of people viewing your product page, this is also important showing your customers the number of people viewing your site it proves that your store is worth checking out.

Another important feature every E-commerce store use or need is the Newsletter pop-up,

It displays a newsletter popup when your customer is about to exit your store to try and convince them to buy by reward customers with a coupon code, it can also be used many other ways sometimes to get the customer’s contact Info’s that way you can easily send your customer’s new products, coupons and different available discount to make them want to check back.

Displaying product video is also important seeing customers easily react to it then image, Debutify allows you to add videos to your product images.

Debutify helps you protect your store’s content and prevent other store owners from copying your store.

Debutify immediately shows search results as you type into the search field. This helps a lot especially when you can’t fully recall the name of the product you want to order or you don’t know the spellings.

Debutify gives new users free 14-day trial and helpful demos to help them start selling easily, for retailers interested but can’t afford it, it is extremely helpful.

With new Add-on being released almost every week in Debutify, so you can never get tired of the many opportunities it brings.

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