Best Payment Gateways in Nigeria

Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

In this article, I will be showing the the top online payment gateways in Nigeria as well as my no.1 international payment gateway in Nigeria.

Each day eCommerce business grows in Nigeria, nowadays every business is moving online because it has proven to be the best way to sell quickly.

The fact that you can sell any service or product online without getting limited to a certain location is the best reason to start eCommerce business in Nigeria.

Only things that you need to do is first, create a website for your business, then integrate your chosen payment gateway and start receiving payments online when someone buys.

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Alright, if you don’t know the right payment gateways to use for your business you may find it difficult running your business successfully in Nigeria.

There is nothing to stress about, because this article is about to do justice to that. Sit tight and enjoy every bit of it.

What Is A Payment Gateway?

This simply means to edify you on how it functions. For those of us that are yet to comprehend the bare essential of what payment gateway does.

For simple comprehension, payment gateway is a product that oversees transactions between an eCommerce website and the bank that approve or decays a customer’s Mastercard payment.

This isn’t constrained to Mastercards, it incorporates eChecks and even digital forms of money like etherium, bitcoin and so forth are completely handled by payment gateways.

A payment gateway is liable for the enchantment that happens when a customer utilizes his/her ATM (Credit/Check cards) to make payment on the web or online.

This shields the customer’s subtleties from being powerless against web programmer or open by the eCommerce website.

While picking the correct payment gateway in Nigeria for your business, there are some significant highlights that you should not disregard.

Here are the features of a payment gateway:


A protected network is significant while you are searching for the ideal of payment gateway in Nigeria for your business.

It is basic that your customers should believe that their money related data will stay secure on your website while buying your service or product.

For this, you have to search for PCI consistency in any payment gateway you will use on your website.

As this is urgent while tolerating payment on the web or online.


Other than the protected payment, the payments procedure ought to be smooth and simple for your customers.

If the whole procedure is getting excessively long and awkward, your customer may surrender the payment and investigate the different website.

Now, go for famous payment gateways that permits you to incorporate with Significant shopping baskets just as acknowledges significant’s cards.

While the most significant piece of the customer’s experience is portable streamlining.

This permits your customer to effectively checkout on your site utilizing their cell phone.


You should search for payments gateway that permits international payments with the exception of you are excessively keen on offering to Nigerians market alone.

The internet is global this day and it crosses all sectors

Which implies your customer can emerge out of any piece of the world to purchase your goods or services on your website

Along these lines, do not confine yourself to a payment gateway that just permits you to get payment in Nigeria alone.


Every payments gateway in Nigeria contrasts with regards to the transaction fee.

So it is appropriate you to do your discovering a long time before you bounce on one.

The fee could truly include when much transactions are being completed on your websites.

Rundown of eCommerce payments gateway in Nigeria:

Presently how about we experience the rundown of the top payment gateways in Nigeria and get yourself the correct one for your business.

1. Paystack



Based on my previous express, I recommend Paystack as the best gateway I Nigeria

Paystack is the most advanced and if not the best in Africa when it comes to processing online payment.

With Paystack you can receive payment via debit and credit cards and other different channels.

One of the most interesting about Paystack is that you don’t need a website to receive payment. It allows you to receive payment via their payment page and also through personal generate invoices.

All payment all send direct to your personal back account within 24hrs. Except on public holidays and weekends.

It also allows you to receive international payment on your website. Note, you need to request for it first before it is activated for you only when you Meetup with their criteria.

Paystack charge 1.5% for local cards and 3.9% for international payments.
Both transactions come with a fixed amount of 100 naira.

That is for each transaction, you will be charged 100 naira plus 1.5% or 3.5% vat charges except for payment less than N2500.

It can be integrated into eCommerce built with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify etc.

2. Stripe

Stripe logo

Stripe is by far the most widely used and the most popular payment gateway right now but Not popular in Nigeria because isn’t available by default.

But that does not mean you can’t use it. You need to set up your business in America and get yourself a Tax Identification Number before you can make use Stripe.

It allows you to receive payment in any currency and in any country.
The integration is seamless to integrate and easy to set up.

You do not have to pay a penny to register an account.

Stripe charges 2.9% plus $0.30 cents on every successful payment on your website.

You can read the full article about Stripe set up here!

3. Rave by Flutterwave

flutterwave logo

Flutterwave owned Rave pay and Get-barter. Get-bater use for creating virtual credits cards to make payments online.

Flutterwave itself is set up to accumulate payment service from different payment gateways and put them under one platform.

However, Rave by flutterwave is similar service like Paystack that enables merchants to accepts payments.

This is for both international and local payments from a bank transfer, cards, payment and USSD etc.

Rave enables payment from Bank Account, Visa, MasterCard, USSD etc. and they charge up to 1.4% for the local payment fee. While 3.5% for an international processing fee.

4. VoguePay

Voguepay is a payment processor in Nigeria that offer both sellers and buyers an easy and secured means to means transact business online.

Thus, using VoguePay, merchants could create a VoguePay account and integrate the plugin into their eCommerce website for free.

Furthermore, VoguePay allows merchants to receive payment for their products and services from various channels.

Which includes, Internet banking, wallet transfer, bitcoin payment etc.

VoguePay charges up to 4.5% for international transaction and 2.5% for local transaction

5. Remita


Remita is a multi-channel fund collection platform and is the most popular in Nigeria. It supports almost any types of biller organizations.

The Remita payment gateway can be used by government, e-commerce sites, schools, insurance companies, religious organization, utility companies, clubs, and associations etc. to collect various types of fees.

They are popular because they are mostly used by the different government sectors to receive and process payment online.

6. Interswitch Webpay

Interswitch WebPay is one of the payment gateways in Nigeria but costly to set up compare the others.

Interswitch charges a one time fee of N150,000 and a subsequent transaction fee of 1.5%.

Furthermore, a flat fee of N2,000 is charged for each transaction that is above N133,333 then the subsequent 1.5% for the lesser transaction.

7. SimplePay

The SimplePay previously is one of the simplest ways to receive payments online but not they are no longer in business.

It was specifically designed to allow merchants to accept International and local payment on their WooCommerce site.

They charge N300 per bank verification and subsequent 1.5% for every card transaction while 5% for international payments processed.

9. PayU

Pay U

PayU payment is the top payment gateway service provider with the aim of creating a simple, efficient and fast payment system for Nigeria customer and their merchant.

They make everything easy for customers to make payment online through their mobile device, tablet, computer, e-wallet or even offline.

Their plan are based on what resonate with your business plan Because their services are spread across several plans

10. GTPay

GTPay owned by GTbank is also one of the Payment Gateway in Nigeria which allows merchants to receive payment on their ecommerce store.

Merchant interested in GTPay by GTbank should register in any nearest GTBank for Merchant ID and Hash key.

GTPay payment gateway allows merchants to receive payments both on international and local issued cards which includes Visa, MasterCard and Interswitch.

The cost to set up an account with GTPay is N75,000 which they charge 1.5% on every transaction.
Just like Paystack, all payments received are remitted the following day and for every international transaction, the next 48hours.

11. First Pay link

First Pay owned by First Bank is also a payment processor in Nigeria which allow merchants to receive payment on their website via MasterCard, Visa, eTranzact and InterSwitch.

First PayLink charges 1.5% per transaction and it subjects a maximum of N2,000.

12. U-Collect

U-Collect owned by United Bank of Africa(UBA). It allows merchants to receive payment on their website like others.

With U-Collect you can process any kind of local and international payments from Verve, MasterCard and Visa Cards.

U-Collect occurs to be free to register and set it up and they charge 1.5% per transaction done on their platform with a cap of N2,000.

13. DusuPay


DusuPay is one of the top African Payment gateway processors which is free to set up and allows payments via MasterCard, Visa and Verve.

DusuPay pricing plan, differs from the rest of the payment gateways out there.

Merchant interested should at least check out their pricing plan before going for them.

14. GlobalPay

GlobalPay owned by Zenith Bank, indigenous payment gateways in Nigeria like the rest of the top banks.

Global Pay accepts payments made via Visa, MasterCard, Verve etc.

Setting up a GlobalPay merchant account cost N75,000 and they charge 1.5% of every transaction processed on their platform.

15. eTranzact

eTranzact is a channel electronic payment platform and a multi-application network that support all major cards networks.
This card includes all locally issued cards in Nigeria like Verve etc.

eTranzact is a growing platform that has spread across different African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and a few other African

In addition, you can equally receive payment with ease on your website with eTranzact.


As interesting as they all seem, their functionality and user experience differs from one another

So it’s necessary you understand the functionalities before launching them for your business.

However, I do recommend Rave and Paystack. You can easily use then to process in Naira and Dollar.

That is it on the list of top payment gateways in Nigeria, let me know what you think by using the comment box below.

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