Reason Why People Fail With Dropshipping and eCommerce Businesses

Reason Why People Fail With Dropshipping

Despite the so many opportunities, if your Dropshipping business based on ecommerce is not going as planned, then the reasons might be from you: You might fix the price too high or You didn’t target the right audience. So, In this article, I will show you what and what you are doing wrongly and ways you can do it the right way.


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  1. Overestimating the Shipping time: Most times the shipping time may be more than estimated because of insufficient logistic company or insufficient financing for lower channels of distribution.
  2. Authenticity: Because you are new into the business buyers may be resistant to you and question your store authenticity.
  3. Lack of Patience & Persistence:
    Most Dropshippers think that dropshipping is a get rich quick scheme. They just don’t have the patience to start a dropshipping business. So, if you are not a patient type of person my advice is to start betting on sports instead because that’s only place you can earn instant money. Patience and persistence are key in the dropshipping business and also required any business. And, if you are just getting started with Dropshipping then it is necessary.
  4. Lack of Capital
    Though dropshipping doesn’t require a lot of Capital if you are just starting out for the first time then you need to keep a good budget in mind because in every business you need a capital to start. This is the price to pay for entry.
    Okay, Let’s say you are starting your first dropshipping store, you need to keep at least $100-$500 for marketing on different social media platforms. But, if you don’t have up to this even amount of capital then it is better not to venture into dropshipping until you have saved enough money.
  5. Product Quality: Another reason why dropshipping might not be working out for you might be because of the quality of your product. If your supplier supplies a less quality product to your buyers this will reduce the trust and lead to so many negative feedback for your business.
  6. High Prices of Dropshipping Products
    Most of the buyers that visit a dropshipping store will most likely search for the same product at different eCommerce store like amazon just to compare and contrast the prices.
    This is because customers always want to save money and they don’t want to feel cheated but always want to bargain, that why they go with a store that can easily give them a better deal. If they think they will get the same product at a lower price somewhere else, then they will leave the store.
    So, it is advisable to keep a lower price of the product below your competitor’s price while still staying profitable. You must learn how to balance both.
  7. Store Design Quality: If your dropshipping store looks cluttered and the design is unprofessional, it could have a major impact on the customer experience which might lead to distrust. Improper setup of dropshipping store is also a display of unprofessional behaviour between the buyer and you.
  8. Supplier Quality: A bad supplier can destroy one’s business. First, you need to find a good supplier using different supplier indexes provided by AliExpress like supplier review, Rating, years on AliExpress etc.
  9. Dropshipping is an open market which still has more opportunities for newcomers and it could be a good opportunity for you to start a dropshipping business. Just discover the trending product and the right audience to market the product.


If you are new in dropshipping you need to understand that dropshipping is not just another ‘get rich quick scheme’ it is a full-time business that requires time, consistency, hard work, patience and dedication. Only then you will be able to thrive in this busines.
Also, as Jack Ma says, “learn from your failures.” So, when they fail (and most will) they need to learn from that and start again if they are really serious about it

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