15 Shopify DropShipping Product Research Tool

Shopify DropShipping Product Research Tool

Shopify Dropshipping is proving to be one of the lucrative ventures in e-commerce. With billions of people trading and doing business around the world, there is a large pool of demand and supply chain to tap into. But to become a successful Drop shipper you need to be armed with the requisite knowledge about products that have higher tendencies to boost sales—and ultimately boost your profit. That is where a product research tool comes in handy. They source out winning products, give you pertinent information about those products and establish links to the different online stores.


Therefore, we will be looking at 15 Shopify dropshipping product research tool that can help you become a successful Drop shipper.

Below is a quick rundown of each of them

1.Aliexpress Dropshipping Centre

This Aliexpress Dropshipping Centre is the first tool on our list; predictably owned by the popular Aliexpress online retail service. If you are looking at drop shipping accurately from Aliexpress this tool gives you that.


It comes with good features such as hot selling, search by image and sponsored products.

The hot selling feature helps you analyze products sales, product price and product order. You can filter products by time of delivery, shipping time and by your preferred niche.

The search image feature helps you locate bestselling products in Aliexpress, while the sponsored products gives you top stores with good review that are in search of drop shippers.


It boasts of a large product data base, and is incorporated to e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Aliexpress drop shipping centre comes with a free plan and here’s the link: Aliexpress drop shipping center  



This is the next drop shipping tool on the list. It boasts of three main features, which keeps you updated on new products at hourly intervals, knowing product price, product reviews, product sales and sales history, orders, video containing product description, link to Shopify and other online retail stores, and countries where the product is highly demanded.

It also comes with fascinating tool with numerous filtering options.

With Alishark you can save products to be considered later.

With a dollar you get access to a 2-day trial mode, but if you are willing to do a monthly plan it costs $20. With the monthly plan you get unlimited access to every tool and feature on Alishark.


3.Dropship spy

Dropship spy comes with different tools you can easily explore. They have good product research tool that helps you get through a host of online products. It also comes with daily product updates and a lot of influencers that can help you grow your Drop shipping business.

Dropship spy offers three main monthly plans, which are:

Standard; with $15 per month you get access to tutorials, winning products, video ads and integration to Spotify.

Premium: with $18 you have access to Facebook audience builder, search for influences, product spy and promising products.

And Pro plan: with $20, and with it get access to tools such as review downloader, product requests, store spy, store search and approved influencers.

Dropship spy offers no trial mode, but you can opt out your plan whenever you choose.

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This is a perfect Shopify Dropshipping tool that centers on what products are trending on Aliexpress. It helps you find the best winning products for your store. Items are selected based on opinions from product sales and marketing idea generators. Products are arranged by categories or by specially selected by creatives. On you get features that gives information on product price, and number ordered. Others include such as product popularity, logo removal image tool, custom premium content and pro release products.

You are free to view products and collections without paying for a plan. For $29 you enjoy the Dropship monthly plan, and for $99 per month you get to enjoy the Pro monthly plan.



This is a product hunt tool that helps you fish out products with good prospects. It offers daily updates on winning products, gives reports from Aliexpress, Facebook and Amazon.

It also provides you with necessary product information such as Facebook data and ads copy, shipping fee, target audience, price of products, number of product ordered and more.

Plans include: a fourteen days’ trial, for $1.95, a Standard monthly plan of $29.95 (with a discount price of $14.95), a Premium monthly plan of $49.95 (with a discount price of $24.95) and an Ultimate monthly plan of 199.95 (with a discount price of $99.5).


6.Sales source

Sales source comes with a lot of tools that helps you find top rated suppliers, data on competitors and gainful products. You also get to see daily trending items you can quickly cash out on.

Plans include: Essential plan with $ 49 per month and $ 349 per year (60% discount rate).

Pro plan with $99 per month and $699 per year (60% discount rate).

Elite plan with $299 per month and $2499 per year (60% discount rate).

7.Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper is a product hunting tool that helps you find winning products on Aliexpress, Shopify, Amazon and eBay.

You can get tools for creating your own ads videos, get handpicked products and analysis on Shopify store. There are tutorials to help you get started on the basics of Shopify Dropshipping.

Niche scraper comes with a free trails access and a pro plan of $39 per month. The pro plan gives Maximum and full access to product tools and features. You can also get a 50% discount using the discount code.

8.Sell the trend

As the name implies it shows you top trending products by scanning through, Aliexpress, Shopify stores, Amazon and Facebook.

You can import products to your store, create video ad for Facebook, build Facebook audience, and a whole lot more.

It also comes with courses that can help sharpen your Shopify DropShipping knowledge.

Sell the trend offers a 7-day trial and a $39 monthly plan (for an annual payment you get 2 months free).



This is one of the most famous Shopify DropShipping tool. They give daily updates on winning products, which comes with Video ads, targeting, product selling price, influencers and a whole lot more.

You can check out how many stores have sold a particular product, in order to know your profit margin.

They offer the free plan, with limited products per day, and a $29 monthly plan (which comes with no restrictions).



This is one of the most popular research tool, where you can get winning products and credible links to suppliers.

They help you identify less competitive products with high demand, predict market trends and offer you profitable products to go for.

You can also get trainings and access to millions of products due to their large supply pool.  




sPocket is a winning product search tool that especially comes in handy for those whose product supply comes from USA or Europe, because it focuses on products made in US or Europe.

It is Integrated with WooCommerce and Shopify, and helps you discover highly profitable products.


12. Jungle scout

If you Drop ship through Amazon, then Jungle scout might be the tool for you because it is highly integrated to Amazon. It helps you find profitable products, get niche ideas, discover verified suppliers for any product and monitor your Amazon products.  


13. Findniche



This tool helps you find product niche, decide on the kind of products to sell and show you other Shopify stores. It comes with daily updates on products, and enables you filter, sort products, and search for products easily.

You also have access to winning products, high margin, trending and secret products.  

Findniche comes with two plans; free and pro plans, which are currently both free (but you need to invite a number of individuals to enjoy the pro plan).


14. Wish Inspector


This is a product research tool that simply helps you analyze products, before you choose to sell them.

Their current price includes; $67 for one license and $77 for 10 licenses.

No free trial mode.


15. ShopInspect


This is the last tool on the list.

With this product you get access to a number of information about Shopify stores, such as trending Shopify stores and top Shopify stores. It also comes with a feature showing hot trending products and information about them.

Currently they offer monthly plan of $47 and $19 monthly when you opt for an annual plan. With a discount code you get 50% discount rate.



If you want to save yourself the labor of doing your own product research; you need not worry too much. Because these tools are built for that. In taking your Shopify DropShipping business to the next level, you will definitely need one or more product research tool. Therefore, how about you go on and explore as many of tools as you can lay your hands on, to enhance your drop shipping venture.



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