A Complete Guide: How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram
How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

Instagram shoutouts are the most effective promising means to promote an online business to its targeted audience. It is very simple and promising tools you can use to gain Loyal customer.


Over the year, I have used Instagram shoutouts to promote my online store and still getting great results! In this article, I will show you how to do shoutouts on Instagram, I will teach you how to effectively use this promotional strategy on Instagram to get new followers.

There are many other ways you can use to promote your dropshipping store online. But based on my experience, the most efficient, simple and promising ones, as we all know, are social networks most especially on Instagram platform.

In accordance with the Independent researcher in America, Instagram promotion, get its member interested and engaged in a somehow much greater degree than any other social platform such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.


Instagram allows you to place paid advertisements in blog Stories and Feeds. For this type of promotion, you can decide to select a really small section and then choose your target audience.

It is very possible to use the personal interests of people as the basis for the partition. In addition, you can add an active button under such advertisement, when the user clicks on the button, it will redirect him/her to your eCommerce store. For targeting, data collected from Facebook accounts are used to display ads only to the concerned users. Though, like the majority of ads, sponsored ads on Instagram annoy users because they are shown forcefully.

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One bad side of paid ads is that most time users ignore them and keep scrolling down without reading them. As a result, you might lose potential customers.

Other ways of direct advertising is Instagram shoutouts. These are paid posts in well-known bloggers’ accounts that in some way related to your store niche They do not look like ads at all, that’s why users strongly like them, make reposts and leave comments. Your account becomes more popular, increase in turnover, and users start to trust your store.

For each store, we order 2-4 shoutouts per day getting 8-10 orders from each. The math is simple here – you spend, for instance, $19 and get $240 of the net profit.

For these reasons, Instagram shoutouts are a cool advertisement tool to promote your dropshipping store. Be prepared, In this article, I’m going to show you how to use Instagram shoutout the easier way.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram?

1. Check if your niche is good for Instagram promotion

2. An Instagram account is need for your store, so create one

3. Select products to promote

4. Look for nice a Instagram account for shoutout placement

5. Order for a Shoutout

6. Write a good detailed info for this IG shoutout

7. Duplicate it in your store’s Instagram page.

8. Analyze the results.

Now, is time for us to take a good look at each step. As for this case study, we will choose Smartwatch for our dropshipping store.

Step 1. Is your choosen niche suitable for Instagram shoutout?

This we already know that Instagram is a good place to promote products, but getting more better results is what we wish for you. That is why you need to pay more attention to my following steps.

First, you need to decide if your chosen niche is suitable for advertisement on Instagram or not. Secondly, try to figure out what is your target audience. What’s their age bracket? Are these people using the Instagram platform? What does this set of people have interests in? Are they ready to order anything they find on Instagram? If after answering the above questions you understand that Instagram is a good platform for you to promote your store, don’t hesitate to start advertising there.

Instagram is not for everyone and they are more other social media platform you can also use to experiment with.

Instagram shoutouts are both cheap and good ways to attract loyal customer to your store.

Step 2. Create your store’s account on Instagram

To create an account that is engaging and catchy to your audience, start with writing an appealing bio Including details of your business.

Making use entertaining contents to fill up your account and ensure it is related to your store niche which includes photos, quotes, humour or something that is in your product niche Or you can use a picture of your hot selling product. Put hashtags that draw the attention of your prospective buyers, in addition, add copies of call-to-actions (CTAs) to the picture.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

In addition, use promotional content that reflects your store product range. Such a posts contain a title, product picture, price and a CTA ( “learn more” “check out site” “tag a friend” etc). May as well write about your worldwide free delivery service if you are offering such, or May be buy 2 get one free offer, your guarantees and finally payment service providers.

Using social rabbit you can easily fill your Instagram page with both Good, entertainment and promotional contents.

Step 3. Pick Products or a category to promote on Instagram

To choose items to promote we make a little research – Our aim is to search and analyze products that our audience could be interested in. For this purpose, we use AliExpress, eBay and Pinterest in our mission to get more in-depth information.

First and foremost, I checked how often these products were ordered on the AliExpress platform. For example, we want to set up an ad about phone cases of a cat photo. We make a search on “cat phone case”, choose “Orders” filter and voila here we have the best-selling phone cases with cats.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

It is equally important to go through customers’ reviews on AliExpress and check-out for the seller’s rating. More positive reviews are a sign of a high-quality product and also how reliable the supplier is.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

Always Keep an eye on delivery time as well. Try to pick products with fast delivery time since it will help you avoid refunds and complaints.

Now, heading to Pinterest. we will look for the most popular pins with cat phone cases on Pinterest.

On eBay we make a search request “cat phone case” and check out which ones were bought most often.


Having figured out what item is much more popular on AliExpress, Pinterest and Ebay

Find out if you have one in your store. If you haven’t, add it there and set up a perfect product page that would be very charming to customers.


If you wish to promote not a single product but a whole category, inspect the group of products on this theme.

Instagram shout

The procedure started above is great for the launch. Nevertheless, you can choose an alternative one – searching not for best-sellers but for a new item.

You do a search request “phone cat case” and choose “Newest” as a filter. Shown products in the list are not wildly popular and, on some occasions, they were never yet bought… But the main point is a seller’s high rating.

However, you can add a new item from low-rating seller – bear in mind that there’s a possibility he can let you down in the future.

To find out what items you should probably advertise, analyze items that are gaining popularity on Instagram or Pinterest. This procedure takes much time than the previous one but it can work best of all.

All bestsellers at our sites were found upon the use of this two procedure.

Step 4. How to find Instagram accounts for placing shoutouts

Now that you have picked a product or a category to promote. It is time to select and look for bloggers’ Instagram accounts to place your ads.

If you want to promote a cat phone case, you have to understand if these blogger posts are engaging for your targeted market. Try and figure out what type of Instagram accounts your prospective buyers follow, make a list of their interests for future use.

For instance, the phone case with kittens we have picked can be promoted to younger women who love cute things, cats and kawaii style. So, we can find accounts using the words “cute”, “Kawai” or “cats”.
Enter these words one after the other in the Instagram search box.

Doing little research on cats, cute and kawaii, we got lots of accounts connected that. So, we need to check each one of them – it really won’t take a lot of time.

How To Do Shoutout On Instagram

General info about profile

First and foremost, You should check the language of an account before making your choice. If your website was for English speakers and that means ads must be in English because there is no point in placing ads in an account that isn’t in English.

Instagram shoutout

2. Number and quality of followers

Select accounts with more Instagram followers like 100,000 followers.

You may find lots of million-plus accounts with large followers, but a large number doesn’t mean that you will benefit much from placing your shoutouts there. Note that the more the followers an account has the more money they might demand for ads.

For example, we went searched for shoutout Instagram accounts to promote kitchen utensils and I found one million-plus follower account that fixed a $250 price for a shoutout. So, I understood that even though we pay this kind of money for an ad, it won’t pay off and which means I’m losing money.

If you are just starting to use Instagram shoutouts, I highly recommend you to select accounts with 100,000-500,000 followers. After some time, you can start looking for smaller accounts. Most times the ones with 50,000 real followers can generate even more profit.

When you start to analyze accounts with more followers, do not neglect their followers quality. Watch out for number accounts of people who leave comments. If there are no posts and it has a strange username like “Lopymolly432”, it is more probably that the blog owner bought comments so that he or she can increase engagement and, therefore, get more profit from his ads.

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3. Number of promotional posts and Content Quality

First, go through blogger account. Ask this question to yourself, Does this account resonate with your store? Is it suitable for promoting the product you have picked? Evaluate how many promotional products are placed there, what’s the blog niche. If a blogger publishes lots of different ads about absolutely different products – he definitely does not care about his content quality but thinks only about money. Accounts cluttered with ads are not appealing to customers at all.

4. Quality of engagement

Engagement on Instagram means users reacting to post contents either by commenting on post or Liking or sharing a post. So, it is important to check to what degree the account you have picked is interesting for its readers.

Have a look at different posts in the account, take note of the percentage of the followers who react to each post. Define the percentage of likes against the number of followers the account has– it should be more than 12%.

If an Instagram account has 120k followers with a range of 100 – 200 likes for each post – there’s a high chance that this account isn’t fascinating for her users or maybe the owner used the mass following bot tool.

Instagram Shoutout

It is important to note that, due to Instagram Smart Feed, users see photos only from accounts they always interact with –comment, read, like. So, a user does not see content he or she isn’t interested in.

Although, the number of likes on Instagram really can’t be the most important basic characteristic when you try to evaluate some account effectiveness or explore Instagram as a promotional tool. But why? Actually, because we can never be sure what part of the content motivated a user to double click.

Comments, on the other hand, are a more trustworthy characteristic. It takes a good amount of time to post a comment, so, if users do it, we can then say they are really engaged.

Each time you look for an account for a shoutout, evaluate it by these 4 criteria. It will take only some minutes but will eventually brings a great results. If you find an account that is artificially big or “dead” – don’t order a shoutout from them but do that on other active and engaged accounts.

Step 5. Order an Instagram shoutout in some blogger’s account

So now that you have seen a well-trusted account to advertise your product… But, next, is to know how to ask for a shoutout on Instagram?

Indeed, it’s simple. Just write a message to the owner of the account using Direct Messages section. Inquire if they make IG shoutouts, and suggest contacting you.

We write such a text:
Hello! My name is Mark. Your account is really great! Are you interested in paid shoutouts? If yes, could you, please, let me know your prices so we could discuss in details? I can do the shoutouts for you in my account as well. Thanks in advance for your reply!

Besides, you can send him or her an e-mail if their email address is attached in the bio. Most times I message the blogger both on his email address or Instagram DM – in that case, you are increasing the chance to get a reply.

Also note, not all bloggers will agree to place shoutouts on their page, some of them might not answer your messages. The rule is; The more you write to bloggers, the higher the chances find someone to work with.

Which Instagram shoutout details should you discuss?

1. Instagram shoutout price

Instagram shoutout prices depend on a niche and may range from $10 to $50 for every 100,000 followers. In some cases, a blogger charges up – do not hesitate to negotiate the price and offer your terms. If a price seems too high, try to look for another account with a better price.

If your store already has a large audience of active buyers, you might try SFS (shoutout for shoutout) Instagram posts. Offer this collaboration strategy to a blogger: as a rule, it works well for new bloggers seeking for rapid growth. Also, you can try exchanging SFS posts on Instagram with any of your product: choose the ones that work in related niches, and make your offer.

2. Placement format

It is good to discuss what info a blogger should post for you. A standard criterion is a product image, a caption and a link to a product or some category pointing to your store.

Remember to talk in such a way the blogger will receive all your info – via email or Direct Messages.

  • Image
  • Payment

After you have done discussing the price and a placement format, next is to ask the blogger about his preferred method of receiving payment. We usually accept to pay through PayPal – it’s the most convenient and safer method for us!

If a blogger has an account on PayPal, we ask to send us their email address. But Incase, they don’t have one, we recommend our product as payment they often agree. But you can discuss with your bloggers any method of payment convenient for you.

Instagram shoutout

3. My Payment

Most of the times, we pay for a shoutout right before its placement and then discuss payment time with the blogger in advance.

Make sure you use PayPal for any monetary transaction on Instagram for shoutouts. The advantage of using PayPal methd for payment is that you can always make a refund if a blogger turns out to be fraud.

Instagram shoutout

4. Duration of your IG shoutout

Normally, a shoutout period is 24 hours, but you can request for only 12 hours with a discount.

5. Day of week

As a matter of fact, we buy Instagram shoutouts every day. Meanwhile, the best days for shoutout are on Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday. These are mostly the days when people buy things online more actively

TIP: Bloggers themselves can share some helpful analytics about their account as Instagram gives the opportunity to analyse followers. So, always ask bloggers to send you the statistics on the account – you will see his followers’ geographic location, peak activity time, gender and sex. Use this data to analyze the blogger if he or she is suitable for the Job.

Instagram shoutout

Insagram shoutout

6. Blogger’s timezone

It’s advisable to place shoutouts at when blogger’s followers are at the peak of activity. Shoutout period should cover only at the time when your audience is at the peak of activity, too, and is ready to buy your product.

For example, if you want to attract buyers from the USA, there’s no point in placing a shoutout at 8 am on Monday morning. The best time, in this case, would be from 11:59 pm to 11:59 am EST.

Instagram shoutout

It is very important to look out for which country or in what time zone the blogger resides. We always stay in tune with their time zone and this helps them not to do mistakes when placing and creating a shoutouts for us.

TIP: Always be polite to avoid conflicts. We have been working with many of bloggers for a good number of time, and, most times things go wrong during communication from time to time, but we always try to quickly find a solution and to maintain a good relationship. Such an approach will result in have more bloggers to collaborate with for a long time.

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