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How To Start An Online Dropshipping Business From Scratch And Make $3,000 Per Month Without Any Technical Knowledge Required

The ONLY Dropshipping Monster System You’ll EVER Need! Closes SOON!… This System Will Work For You Even If You’re a Newbie!

Hold on, are you still confuse on what Dropshipping is All About!

The benefits of this dropshipping over mini-importation includes:

Drop shipping is buying a product from a third party (supplier) and shipping the product directly to your customer.

When a customer purchases from your store, you are purchasing the item directly from a third party(supplier), the supplier then fulfils the order directly to your customer, which means that you never see the physical product but still makes a profit.
If you’re comparing the dropshipping and mini-importation, you might’ve noticed a Huge difference!

The benefits of this dropshipping over mini-importation includes:
  1. It’s easy to do! (That is if you use the right tool and listen to the right people)
  2. No Logistics issue
  3. No need to have inventory
  4. No need to worry about getting the products beforehand
  5. Less Capital Is Required
  6. Easy to Scale

So what are you going to Benefit from this Master Class?

  1. You are getting A free store Designed for your Dropshipping Business
  2. An Access to a very Active and Biggest Private Dropshipping group in Nigeria, where I respond to questions and rub minds with other member to make more income
  3. Also we offer to teach you how to make it profitable and take your Dropshipping store from $0 to $1000/monthly income
  4. Basically with our Masterclass, you will get everything ready, yours will only be to follow each instructions, learn and make sales in the process.
The benefits of this dropshipping over mini-importation includes:

With The Click Of A Button You’re About To Get Instant Access To Dropshipping Master Class ..Check Them All Out Below…

Module 1- The Entire Dropshipping Concept

Everything You Must Know Before Starting A Profitable Dropshipping Business

Lesson #1: Introduction And Mindset

Lesson #2: The Top Hidden Secret Formula

Lesson #3:  Golden Rules To Dropshipping

Lesson #4: How To Get Started

Module 2- The Full Monster Product Research Training

Learn The Whole Monster Product Research Method Used By PRO.

Lesson #1: The New Ways Of Sourcing Hot In Demand Products Online

Lesson #2: How To Spy On Your Competitors Part 1

Lesson #3: How To Spy On Your Competitors Part 2

Lesson #4: The Hidden Method Used In Finding Reliable Suppliers

Lesson #5: How To Fulfill Your Orders Easier.

Lesson #6: Faster Shipping Method (3 -10 Days)

Module 4 – Payment Setup And Complete Marketing Training

The Total Game Changer On How To Market Your Products And Receive Your Payment

Lesson #1: Facebook Ads Account Creation And Billing Overview

Lesson #2: Facebook Custom Audience Training

Lesson #4: Facebook Audience Insight Full Training 

Lesson #5: Facebook Ads Bidding And Placement Training 

Lesson #6: Facebook Ads Creatives Training

Lesson #7: Facebook Ads Rules Explained

Lesson #8: Instagram Niche Golden Influencers Hand Pick( Tips)

Lesson #9: Over 300+ Ad Creatives Samples 

Lesson #10: Question And Answers

Module 3- Store Setup And Design Training

Masterclass Training On Store Setup And Design

Lesson #1: Store Foundation

Lesson #2: Store Building 

Lesson #3: Store Pages Setup

Lesson #4: Adding Products To Store

Lesson #5: Payment Gateway Setup 

Lesson #6: Pricing And Discount Training 

Lesson #7: Facebook Pixel Training

Above That, You Will Get

BONUS 1: Free Active PayPal Account Training


Total Value: ₦45,000

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