Ecomhunt Review 2023 – Product Research Tool [does It Worth It]?

Ecomhunt Review 2021 – Winning Product Tool [does It Worth It]?

Ecomhunt deals with the updating of the latest products day by day. Products of Ecomhunt are selected by knowledgeable persons whose sole aim is to improve the quality of the existing products.


 Various e-commerce markets can be used to purchase products on Ecomhunt including the likes of Amazon.

Ecomhunt Review 2021: Easy Tool Overview

Ecomhunt gives its users access to the best selling products before the products go viral. Ecomhunt also allows its users to have a peek on their competitor’s Facebook ads and modify them to sell better.

Ecomhunt informs its users of hot selling niche products in various varieties. Users can browse through different sections to look for the most appropriate niche for their online store.


Ecomhunt allows it’s users to view products via Facebook ads, allowing them to choose a variety of products based on country location, age, and gender-inclusive.

Products on Ecomhunt include; portable car wireless mobile phone controller, a Sushi maker(8 shapes toolset), Nano mist sanitizer, Pianoplay baby music mat, and a whole lot more.


  • Ecomhunt gives users access to Facebook ads for a particular product.
  • Ecomhunt provides detailed information about a product along with the date.
  • Ecomhunt gives its users insight into product engagement for every associated advertisement.
  • Ecomhunt provides information about the different Shopify apps to let its users know who is selling the best and hottest products.

How Does Ecomhunt Work?

Ecomhunt experts select products that are doing best in the market and products with noticeable huge profits. 

Products are given to their paid members first and then to their free members afterward.

All members are given the following for each product:

  1. Description of the product: this explains what a product is, why it is worth purchasing, and the value of the product.
  2. Images of the product: this is the physical appearance of the product
  3. Profits, costs, margins, RRP(recommended retail price)
  4. Import straight to Spotify option
  5. Analysis and saturation inspector
  6. Links to various stores, AliExpress listing, and videos
  7. Facebook advertising ideas and current bulletins
  8. Review of buyer
  9. Expert consultation

Ecomhunt provides the highlighted information for each product to help people who are relatively new to Ecomhunt.

 More Offers From Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt also offers more services as follows:

Must Have Shopify Apps

Shopify apps are used to sell online and help you increase sales. There are hundreds of Shopify apps on the internet and it might prove a little tasking to find the right ones that would help you boost your sales.

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That is why Ecomhunt specifically handpicked the following Shopify apps to make it easy to sell online and make huge profits.

(1) Shopify

(2) Bundle upsell

(3) Oberlo

(4) Humify

(5) Loox photo reviews

(6) Emojis

Webinars And Training

Ecomhunt webinars are presentations used to explain to users on: 

  • Facebook targeting
  • Facebook ads sealing
  • Increase user store conversion
  • To understand Facebook ads results.
  • The tutorial on Ecomhunt includes;
  • Simple ways to find a profitable niche
  • How to find the best products to sell on Shopify
  • Testing products with Facebook ads.

The webinars and tutorials are usually for paid member users. It serves as a guide to making huge profits.

  Ecomhunt University

Another great feature on Ecomhunt is Ecomhunt University. It is free to all members at the point of sign up. 

It teaches the users how to develop their Ecom funnels and they can also get a pre-built one if they so desire. It also provides videos and information on how to build a good dropshipping business.

Ecomhunt Membership Plan

Ecomhunt consists of two membership plans which are the free membership plan and the pro membership plan(paid membership plan). Recalling that products on Ecomhunt are updated daily, the free membership plan allows the user to access a maximum of two products each day. 

The daily products for the free membership plan are usually updated on the third day before the original posting date after the products have been found.

The paid membership plan users(pro membership plan users) are given access to everything on Ecomhunt. They have access to product information, sales of products, targeting of a particular product, Facebook ads, and a whole lot more. The paid membership plan costs $29 for every month.

Why Choose Ecomhunt?

There is no doubt that Ecomhunt is one of the best product hunting tools. They offer various product ranges which are updated daily. Ecomhunt helps its users to find product winners faster than many average drop shippers, which enables them to be one step ahead of other competitors.

ecomhunt 2021 review

For better conversion sales, it is advice able to go for the pro membership plan. The pro members have access to various winning products on Shopify which are currently hot selling and there is every possibility that these hot selling products are unknown to most people.

 It also enables the users to know the full details and statistics of these products which is an advantage.

Facebook Ads Information

For a particular running product, the users are given access to see the information about all the Facebook ads and this is quite an essential part of Ecomhunt. 

The users are given the actual videos used by the store and other advertisement information regarding the product. The details include links to the stores and other advertisements associated with it. 

Such details are really useful especially for users who do not know much about the ad copy and have no video to promote their products.

Ecomhunt Targeting

Ecomhunt helps its users in promoting their products to specific targets be it a country, a particular age group, or a specific gender. Ecomhunt also assists its members by giving them examples and insight into targeting a product.

 Engagement And Review

Ecomhunt helps its users to get an insight into how many people have bought a particular product already.

The users would have access to review a particular product straight from an actual buyer who has purchased the product from AliExpress.

Ecomhunt is one of the tested and effective product finders for hottest and trending products.

Ecomhunt offers you a platform that can help you seek a profitable and promising product that can generate revenue streams and an increase in sales conversion.

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