Shoptimized Theme Review 2023

Shoptimized theme review

As your Dropshipping business expands, the need to increase investment becomes more apparent. This step is crucial for boosting sales and maximizing profits.


Among the multitude of Shopify themes available, the shoptimized theme stands out, offering a superior design and enhancing the overall appearance of your store.

The shoptimized theme is a popular choice among Shopify themes, known for its ability to achieve optimal conversion rates. Prior to selecting this theme, take a moment to explore its demo version, gaining valuable insights. Discover successful Dropshippers who have utilized this theme and benefit from its remarkable qualities and features.

It promises a lot of other juicy features and benefits that are summed up below:

  1. Built for mobile-first
  2. It goes in line with Baymond’s institutes best practices for conversion
  3. High-speed load time
  4. Over 30 conversion-boosting features
  5. Easy customization for every constituent in your brand and product selection.
  6. Free Updater-App and Real-Time-Social-Proof Stat Apps
  7. Save up to above &2000

More extensively, we will be taking a look at the features that come with this theme

Top Menu Customization

The first is the top menu customization feature. This feature allows you to alter the complete menu design to give your store a unique and personal touch.

You’ll notice attractive social media icons in the upper right corner (with this, you can add show a Facebook like or Share button).


After this, you can easily spot the Geo IP message button, which changes depending on the location of the buyer/visitor. On the top right-hand side of the menu, you can include a cart or a currency converter for visitors/customers to make conversions.

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Right after the currency converter, you can show links to your store’s inner page, which could include: pricing, reviews, FAQ blog, support, contact us, about us, etc.

Next up, is the feature for showing and customizing your logo. It is followed by a search box with predictive search (to help visitors easily find products in your store). This can be spotted somewhere around the middle of your page.

The last row is where links to your categories and products are gotten. If you move your cursor toward them, you would be exposed to an automatic drop-down menu display.

Effective use of this feature is what makes your store stands out from many other stores.

Homepage Features

In this feature, you will see an enormous banner enabling you to edit, show your product, or display anything else. You can hide or show this banner if you want. This feature enables you to arrange your products and contents to your taste. It offers a product collection feature; here, you can add specific information alongside tags such as product price, product review, icons for free delivery, available stock, free shipping, etc.

When you scroll down, the top layer header (which was initially hidden) becomes visible, showing you customizable features such as a business logo, search bar, contact details, etc.
After this, you will come across the principal content area; here, you can add testimonials and upload image ads and product videos using the HTML feature. It also enables easy customization and can be toggled with the assistance of navigation.

Product Page Features

As mentioned, you can attach taglines (such as free shipping and sale price) to your product image.
You can enter product reviews, information on product returns, product description, shipping details, and product delivery details with the product information tab.

You can add popup upsells to be displayed to consumers/visitors once a product is added to their cart. Other related and non-related products can be seen roaming under the selected product.
The shoptimized theme enables you to attach secure checkout graphics under add to cart button.

One fascinating and unique feature is the floating bar that comes with the theme. This floating bar moves with your cursor while you scroll within the product page. It also shows the product price, name, reviews, and quick add-to-cart option.

This feature also provides a fake product calculator that enables you to fake the number of product sales you have made. Under this, you can add a product price and reviews and how much visitors stand to save.

It also offers you the option to use product customizations that enables the quantity and add cart option. Right after that, you can add a fake countdown timer for product quantity—to make the customer become in haste to get the product. It also comes with a shipping calculator and a fake visitor counter.

The footer page lets you display images and text about your store, which can help you enlighten your visitors/customers and encourage them to buy products.

You can use the email sign-up form on this page to encourage your customers to sign up for your email list. You can offer them guides, special discounts, and more. Note also that the growth of your email list is pivotal to the enhancements of your earnings through the backend of your store.

This feature enables you to show trust badges to help your customers know the kind of payment you accept.
You can also show quick links to your inner pages—that could contain pertinent information about your business, such as Privacy Policy, Terms of service, etc.

Within this feature, you add your business contact details, trademark information, and social media icons.

Cart Page

The shoptimized theme offers a broad range of cart pages. The most common is a sidebar at the right. It’s nice, especially on your desktop computer. It includes a title, an image, a description, a total price, view my cart and check out buttons.

You can encourage buyers to increase the products in their cart by adding upsell popups specifically for that.

It also comes with a fake cart expiry counter to hasten purchases that customers could make.
We will quickly examine some of the main features found in the Shoptimized theme. They are:

Countdown Timer

This is an interesting tool that lures customers to purchase products quickly because of the thought that such products can be sold within a limited time. It contributes to an increased conversion rate.

You can easily add tags to products—showing available stock and time to purchase.

Geo-IP Recognition and Currency Converter

You can quickly identify the geographic location/country a customer is accessing your store from; through geo-IP recognition. This enables you to remodel their shopping experience to suit their location.

The currency converter helps them convert the price of their purchases to their preferred currency.

Product personalization and badging

This theme comes with a lot of customization features that enable store owners to model their stores to their tastes.

It also offers free product badging (used to highlight items/products for sale or products with free shipping costs). This is quite rewarding to store owners because other e-commerce platforms require payments for their use.

Quick Coupon Code Delivery

This feature makes it easy for customers to access their discount code once they enter their image address on the site.

With this feature rapid increase in conversion rates enhanced due to the introduction of urgent features, as well as surprise discounts.

Shoptimized Theme Pricing Plans

Presently they offer $167 for a single-store license, but you can get 3 and 10-store licenses for $197 and $597 respectively. Although, only the last two plans give you access to their Facebook and Shopify store training courses.

Also, there are disputed information surrounding a discount code for the Shoptimized theme, so it’s best you make your budgets in line with the standard pricing plans.

Shoptimized Theme Pros and Cons


  1. It’s quite easy to use, understand and manage.
  2. It promises savings of over $2000, a laudable gain compared to how much is paid for this theme.
  3. Pages are loaded swiftly.
  4. And it is quite easy to contact their support team.


  1. More could be done to improve the add-on service to make it more captivating.
  2. Since it’s a one-page store, features like the floating bar can distract and infuriate customers.
  3. The mobile view for the Shoptimized theme could be better than the PC view.  


With the Shoptimized theme, store owners are saved on the cost of popups & upsells, currency converter, free shipping, and many more features created with this theme.

It has regular and unlimited updates and can be easily accessed with a license. Shoptimized theme also offers many customization features and plug-ins to enhance your experience. It saves you the expenses incurred from making monthly payments for apps or plug-ins.

Despite its downsides, it is unarguably one of the best themes for your Shopify store. Hence, I think it’s a good value for money.

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