Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review[Complete Guide]

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Overviews

When it comes to sourcing for products for your Dropshipping store, these two dropshipping tools come with a variety of features and tools to help you meet that need.


Here is a quick review of both tools to help you make up your mind easier and faster.

Alishark Review

Alishark is a notable dropshipping tool that helps you find winning products to sell in your store.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

They update products daily and hourly to help you keep tabs with products that have prospects of becoming winning products, or products with good selling potentials.


With Alishark you enjoy the following services: Get thorough details about every product available in the tool. You can check if the product has a video on Aliexpress, know the cumulative quantity that has been ordered, get swift reviews on sales, cost of production, sales rate, and sales history (between 2 to 6 months).

It sums up everything you need to know about a winning product. It equally exposes you to countries where the product sells more, and top drop shippers making sales on the product.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review
  • You have the opportunity of obtaining the sales history of any product which gives you the leverage to make predictions, knowing when you can make gains by running credible ads
  • You can get access to info on the hottest markets to sell your products to, and which drop shippers sell them. With the matching pages’ tool, you have the opportunity to monitor products from other stores, and study pricing layout to know your closest contenders in the market.
Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review
  • You also have the option to save products for later browsing—with this you are saved the risk of losing them or difficulty in finding them.
Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

There are a few other tools you can find—notably, the filter tools. Below is a quick rundown containing each of them.


Filtering by Sources

This helps you source out data about products from Aliexpress or Banggood without stress.

Filtering by Niche

This is similar to filtering by category, it’s an amazing feature that helps you sort out winning products by your preferred niche. With regular daily updates, there is a handful of niches to check out.

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This is particularly helpful to those who struggle to find their preferred niche. Advanced drop shippers can also tap into its incredible benefits. You can filter by niches such as archery, astronomy, beer, baking, and a whole lot more.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

Filter by Shipping Methods

With bits of help, you know products that possess e-packet or Aliexpress standard, or both.

Filter by Country

You can filter by countries with the highest sales in your interested products. This helps you narrow down your target audience.

You can also filter by where the product is shipped. For example, you can know products that are shipped from the US or China.

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

Filter by Price

You can easily select a range for the prices of the products you are interested in. Although Alishark sets the highest product price limit to be $20, you can set your lower price limit to be $2. The higher price limit is especially good if you want products that can be sold at a cheaper price (below or at the price of $20).

Filter by the total number of orders

Here you can filter by a specific number of product orders (e.g. 2000).

If you only want to see the period for which the products have been ordered, you can filter from the total number of orders by your chosen time.

If you want to see products that have high or low daily orders, you can filter by Daily Orders.

You can also filter by Wish list; this helps you know the number of people that added the product to their wish list.

Other filter options include:

  • Filter by PayPal
  • Filter by saved only
  • Filter by product drop shipping
  • Filter by time
  • Filter by category
  • Filter by keywords, and a few other filtering options.

Advanced filters: – This helps you source out winning products that have good potentials to break into the market before it becomes saturated. You can filter by niche, countries, reviews, pricing, and a few other options.

You can also check out videos that are doing well on the Aliexpress listing page and Banggood.

Video generation tool

With this tool, you can create video ads from the product you find in Aliexpress or Alishark with ease. You can also add images, and fine-tune them to create any video of your choice.

Alishark subscription plan

They offer a 2-day trial at the cost of a dollar, and a monthly plan of 20 dollars. The interesting thing is that you can cancel your 2-day plan if we feel you’ve had enough experience.

Dropship Spy Review

Alishark vs Dropship Spy Review

This tool shares some commonalities with Niche scarper and Ecumhunt.

With dropship spy, you can insert the product you find into your Shopify store. It also gives you the option of importing products from Aliexpress, Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

Dropship spy equally comes with a tool for sourcing out winning products; which can be done according to your preferred niche.

With each winning product you get information about the following;

  • Price and profits of the product
  • You can see details regarding what other dropship spy members think about the product
  • The star rating on the Facebook ad, and an example of a Facebook ad.
  • Product description
    You can view dropshipping suppliers of the product
  • They show you those to target on Facebook
  • They show you price info on eBay and amazon

And lastly, other similar products

There are a few other tools in Dropship spy which are also useful. Such as;

Product Research Tool

Dropship spy offers three product research tools which are:

  • Promising Product Tool: With this tool, you can easily spot products that have good potential to become winning products.
  • Smart Match: This tool offers recommendations on your product based on your favorites and history.
  • Product Spy Tool: This gives you access to products on Aliexpress by simply searching with a keyword.

Download Review Option

You can download reviews from Aliexpress, Walmart, and Amazon, by simply inserting their URLs into this tool.

Store Search Tool

This tool is best used when you know the exact name of the product to search for. With it, you get to see some Shopify stores selling similar or the same product as yours.

There are other tools you can find such as Site scanner tool, Store spy, and Request tool.

Dropship spy also comes with a product marketing tool for Facebook and Instagram such as

Facebook Engagement Calculator

With this tool you can check out people’s feedback on products through ads on Facebook; to know if there are positive or negative comments.

Facebook Audience Builder

This helps you to know the right audience to target on Facebook, especially as a beginner.

Approved Instagram Influencers and Instagram Influencer Search tools are both tools used to market your products on Instagram.

Subscription Plan

Dropship spy currently charges between $18 to $20 per month. They also have a yearly plan with a 3 months’ discount. Using their discount code, you get a 10% discount rate.

Comparison and Contrasts

The first thing you come across when you get into Alishark’s website is the 2-dollar trial. This is good if you are skeptical about making a committed plan. This is quite different from that of Dropship spy—where there is no 2-day trail. Although, when you compare both plans side by side it appears Dropship spy has a cheaper offer than Alishark. This is mostly because of their 10% discount rate and 3 months’ free subscription from their yearly plan.

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But Alishark might prove to give you a better value for your money, due to their incredible filtering option which can help to locate and access a variety of products quickly. The best part is that you can combine all these filtering options to get your desired result.

But one downside of Alishark is that there is No discount code for now.

Alishark is a good tool for beginners who have no experience with Facebook targeting, but they add a few winning products daily. Which is very much fewer than that of Alishark (they can add over 1000 products daily)

If you are in search of products to sell, then Dropship spy might just be your answer. This is because they offer a lot of product samples to their users. Although, the product research tool is a little restricting; especially for drop shippers who might want to find products themselves.

Overall I think these two dropshipping tools are good in their way. But I would stick my neck out for Alishark as a better value for your money.

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