Debutify Theme Review 2021 [best free Shopify template]

Debutify Theme Review

Shopify does not only aid the creation of an online store or e-commerce platform; it offers a lot of free and paid themes.


In time Drophippers have come to realize that the outlook or design of a store can contribute to customer’s/visitors response or attitude towards the store.

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As a Dropshipper, you need to be equipped with all the information or enhancements that can help you attract customers, boost sales, and ultimately grow your Dropshipping business.

Using a Shopify theme is one of the ways to achieve this; therefore, in this article, we will be reviewing Debutify theme—which is one of the available Shopify themes.

Debutify Theme Review

Debutify comes with a lot built-in features you can edit and readjust to your taste. It is an excellent theme designed to enhance accessibility, navigation and boost conversion rates.

It possesses two main versions, which are: Debutify Default and Debutify Light.

You can easily access features that enhances your product display; and is very easy to use.


The installation process is quite easy and direct.

The demo version offers you a chance to glimpse what you stand to enjoy should you choose to install the theme. Although, it doesn’t make up for the actual theme in anyway.

Below is a quick examination of notable Debutify theme features.

Optimally Built for All Niches

Debutify offers access to customization features that enables you sell any kind of product in any part of the world, regardless of the kind of store you plan to build.

Theme Layout

With debutify default layout, it is easy to find your way around your store. Sections are displayed with clarity, and you can easily access customization features with the theme setting. With your slider you can easily spot any alternative choice. This is enhanced by the expandable option found at the left hand side of the page.

With the basic layout, you don’t need to be an expert to make necessary alterations or customizations that suites you.

Design options

Unlike a few other Shopify stores, Debutify offers a handful of design options. Within the dashboard you can easily spot and access the settings tab. This settings tab gives you the access to make changes in the following· Home page· Navigation menu· Product page and· Footer page

Color Selection

With it numerous theme color collection you can easily switch between colors for your store. You can change your background color, Footer color, button options, etc.


Debutify is quite easy to install and customize for your website or store. As earlier mentioned it doesn’t take much time for you to find your way around it.

To install Debutify you need to key in your store’s URL, login and follow the installation process. Although it requires permissions to access your store’s personal information.

Also, the free version comes with a basic design; hence, you will need to upgrade to the premium/paid plans to enjoy more enhanced features.

Debutify Premium Features

There are a lot of features to enjoy under the Debutify premium plan. We will be looking at a handful of them below.

Cart Functionality

Debutify Theme Review features

This is one of the fore most premium feature we will be looking at.

With this feature animated figures (otherwise called Ad-to-cart animations) are shown to consumers, each time a product is added to their shopping cart. It’s an interesting feature that have the potentials to lure or make consumers add more products to their shopping cart; with a click. This Add-to-cart button is usually found beneath the items/products found in your product page or homepage.

Without a doubt Add-to-cart buttons are very important. This is because they make it easy for customers / visitors to store products in their shopping cart. With premium Debutify you can easily customize and make the add-to-cart button more visible to your customers.

It also comes with a sticky bar that floats around each times a customer swipe past the Add-to-cart button. This is also used for adding products into shopping carts. This floating bar also makes it easy for customers to expediently purchase products without going back to the initial add-to-cart button. Also, the sticky bar evidently makes it faster and easier for customers to make product purchases, which invariably boost sales.

Upsell Popups

This is much related to cart functionality. This feature helps you promote and notify customers about other products that could meet or satisfy their needs. It ensures that upsells popups and their rate of appearance are well timed.

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This feature also makes it easy and possible to show your consumers trust badges in your check out and product pages. This could also help build up their sense of security and confidence in your store; as well as increase their loyalty and trust.

Product Page

With Debutify premium theme you can add the following to your product page:· Product reviews· Product tabs· Videos

This helps to boost the information supplied to your customers about a product.

Product tabs enable you to add your product description, a snippet and a static page.

Sales Notification

By showing notifications on other product sales going on within your store, customers become eager and more willing to make purchases.

It’s a sales pop-up plug in that shows customers/visitors current product purchases that made in the store. This generally makes them more confident in making their own purchases.

Coupon and Newsletter Popups

With Debutify coupon popups, consumers can easily sign up for your coupons or newsletter. These coupons generally increase customer’s confidence and satisfaction in your brand. But, it is also important to note that incessant use of these popups can easily put off customers or visitors away from your store.

This feature aids you in properly timing your coupon popups, which invariably boost your sales. It enables you know how, when and who to target your coupon popups to. The same goes also goes for the newsletter popup.

Delivery Date

With this feature, customers can get to know the estimated time-period for the delivery of their product order. As long as their deliveries get to them on time, they will feel confident and encouraged to purchase more products from your store.

Store FAQ

Without a doubt, a credible and well set up store FAQ can help consumers find their way around your store. It can also help boost the interaction between you—the store owner and your customers.

Debutify offers this plug-in to online store & site owners to enable them proffer assistance and additional product information to their customers.

Customers can easily be attracted by a well-structured and effective store FAQ; especially because they are easy to find by search engines and it comes with a reasonable amount of product information.

Support Chat Boxes

This is another feature in the Debutify premium plan that helps you engage your customers.

With this feature, customers can interact with one another about your product, your store content and the services you render to them.

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You can easily customize the chat boxes. With any messaging platform of your choice you get notified each any of your customers engages or reaches out to you.

This premium feature enables you to customize and add more columns to your navigation menu. You can easily create an advanced menu layout to enhance the accessibility of your product.

Shop protect

This Debutify premium feature offers you different security features to help secure your customers’ info, as well as integral details about your store, from third party access.

Debutify Software Updates

Debutify offers you timely notifications about their regular software updates. This enables you know and access their most recent offers and features. They also give room for feedbacks and reservations about their software updates.

Debutify Pricing Plans

A free plan with a basic layout.· Starter plan- a $ 5 monthly plan with three features.· Hustler plan- a $14 monthly plan with seven features.  · Guru plan (premium plan)- a $20 monthly plan, with access to all features.

They also offer a yearly plan with a 40% discount.

Debutify Theme Review pricing


Debutify offers seamless customization features and enhanced add-ons that makes it quite interesting and resourceful to use.

It enables you exchange one add-on for another, if you feel a particular add-on is not compatible with your store.

Debutify also allows you to easily switch between the different plans it offers; all you have to do is to make the necessary payments that comes with the selected plan.

Debutify Theme Review 2021

These features and Add-ons are easily accessed without much hassle, and does not reduce your store’s loading speed.

You can work with its effective basic layout or you can simply upgrade to its premium plan. The premium plan gives you more room to personalize or fine tune your store to your taste, and also helps you attain long term saving plans.

Debutify theme offers all this and many more; you can easily maximize your Dropshipping business by trying out it out.

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