Adspy Vs Pexda [Review] – Which One is Right For You?

We will be reviewing the Adspy Vs Pexda product research tool and what it has to offer, With intensified competition in Dropshipping, you need every piece of resource available for you to become a successful Drop shipper.


You need tools to help you find out viable products that can boost sales and ultimately help you make gains in your dropshipping business. You might also need tools to help you with product advertisements, sort out social media targeting, and a lot more.

This article reviews two dropshipping product research tools that can help you attain those needs.

First, we will be reviewing the Adspy product research tool and what it has to offer.


Adspy Review

Social media is increasingly becoming more important in e-commerce. Invariably, this creates a huge base for successful product sales, through product advertisements. This is why many dropshipping tools come with additional tools and features that enable you to know the right set of audience to target, get influencers and create viable video ads and ideas on how to market your product.

Adspy is a drop shipping advertisement spy tool particularly enhanced to help you know and create advertisements that have good prospects to attain success on social media. It is host to a plethora of databases on Facebook and Instagram ads that give you insights on how to create successful ads to grow your e-commerce business.

It comes with several intriguing features:


One of which is the ‘search for ads’ toolbar; which predictably helps you search for ads. You can as well search through visibly labeled precise options like targeted ages, genders, countries, total likes, networks, technology, and more. It offers you the choice of saving search results for later use.

As you go through the ad results you get access to additional information about the ads, such as the advertisement URL landing page, links within the landing page, and a picture of the landing page. It also helps you access the platform the ad was gotten from.

You will see the full ad copy, its likes, comments generated by the ad, as well as other information such as the ad range and engagement reports.

You can also search for ads and view them by specific keywords in the ad copy or comment section. Within this same section, you can choose advertisers’ ads and any web page you prefer.

You can boost your search experience by searching for the following options:

  • Ads from Facebook and Instagram
  • Ads by country—for products that generally do well in particular countries
  • Ads by a specific time—showing how recent the ads are, and the particular time it was created.

The search tool helps you know the kind of ads that are done by your competitors. This gives you better advertisement ideas that come out unique for your audience.

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If you struggle to find the Ad you need using the search feature, you can get a practical guide from the examples page without having to contact their support team.

Adspy comes with other advanced features which are;

Adspy Enhanced Basic search tool

Adspy Vs Pexda [Review]

With this in-depth tool, you can search using text from the ad, advertiser’s name, number of likes, or the type of media it uses, to give you ingenious filtered results on;

  • How users reacted to the ads
  • Longest running ads
  • The last time the ad was seen, and more.

Tool for Searching through comments

You can search for ads using comment search options. By using important keywords about ad comments you can monitor competitor’s brands, your products, or check if the ads have gotten bad or good feedbacks.

This invariably gives you insights on the kind of products to sell, and help you know the likelihood of your target audience to patronize them.

Tool for searching precise Demographics

Your competitors might be targeting a specific group or particular locations that might have eluded your attention.

But this Adspy tool narrows and gives you bearing on what group to target to help you maximize the efforts put into creating your ad; by reviewing ads that can be aimed at a particular gender, geographic location, or age.

Affiliate Search Tool

This tool helps you obtain ads from affiliate networks. You can gain access to their offer IDs, which helps you see how ads regarding your interested products are faring.

You can search by an exact affiliate if you already have an affiliate ID. Adspy also helps you get-by affiliate cloak which ensures full access to affiliate networks.

Adspy data

This is a researching tool that gives you insights on products to sell based on trends and products with good prospects.

Adspy Pricing plan

Adspy comes with a free trial where you can access ads from free trial credit without paying for the plan. But you can get access to a whole lot of other promising features with just $149 monthly.

Also, with a coupon code, you unlock a 50 % discount code.

Pexda Review

Adspy Vs Pexda [Review]

This is a product hunting tool that saves Drops shippers the turmoil of finding out winning products to sell on their stores.

It helps you with the right product to sell by showing you the hottest trending products and particular stores selling those products.

Each product comes with data on product sales, product prices, shipping price, and very importantly, the prospective profit margin range. Its fascinating product hunt tool includes reports on eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Aliepxress, targeting suggestions, and more.

Pexda offers an array of features; below is a quick run-down of them:

Detailed Product Database

Adspy Vs Pexda [Review]

You can get products that tend to be high sellers. It also contains new products that have been recently added and products that are prospectively untapped winning products.

This tool enables you to search for products based on proven niches and filters. You can sort out winning and hot products based on your preferred or selected niche, categories, or subcategories.

Clear Guides on Credible Ad Copy

Pexda equally offers particular ad copy examples, videos, and images for every product. This inspires you on the kind of video content for your ad. You can easily test your ad to see the on with the optimal performance. In also contains original text copies, total likes, shares, and several total views from other ads.

Untapped Winning Products

This is an incredible feature that proffers reigning market places along with hot and selling product with good prospects for a successful sale.

Pexda Chrome Extension

It’s an enormous highly enhanced tool that gives you the means to hunt any ad sponsors on Facebook. With this new feature, you can easily request to Pexda team support about Aliepxpress suppliers, ad copy, and other important requests.

Targeting Suggestion

This feature saves you the stress of having to figure out what audience to target by giving you targeting options you can copy to Facebook or use for your targeting campaigns. You can target through age, gender, specific locations, and other variables.

You can also target using Aliexpress; this helps you know how to correctly target products on Aliexpress by giving you detailed information about them.

Pexda Pricing Plan

Pexda offers the following:

  • A standard plan of $ 1.95 for 14 days (with subsequent payment of $14.95 monthly). This plan gives you the option to opt-out if you become dissatisfied.
  • A premium monthly plan of $24.95 and
  • An ultimate monthly plan of $ 99.95

Using exclusive coupon codes, you can get a 20 to 30% discount rate.

These two tools are with differences, but they share similarities in the quality they offer.

Adspy helps you know the kind of ads that can easily boost product sales, by monitoring successful ads on social media. Pexda saves the strain of testing the products on a different audience (they have already gone through that laborious work by out-rightly providing you with viable winning products to sell in your store).

They both give you targeting options for your ad, but Adspy is better suited for that.

One downside of Pexda is that they do not add many products daily. They also do not organize tutorials or webinars like other product research tools that share great similarities with them.

With both tools, you see a lot of audience to target. You can also spy on specific ads alongside their target audience (Adspy comes with a far-reaching offer).

They both offer moderately cheap plans compared to the features and services they offer.

They come with a highly functional interface that makes them easy to navigate. These two products are both good value for money. Choosing either of them is highly dependent on what you urgently need to grow your dropshipping business.

If you want a product research tool that out-rightly finds out winning products, Pexda is the one for the job.

But if you want to spy on ads and know how best to create yours, then Adspy perfectly does that job. You can get more experience by trying them both

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